He’s known as this generation’s “Pistol Pete”. Jason Williams aka White Chocolate played the point guard position like few before or after ever will in the NBA. He was his own personal And1 tour. His game was made for the twitter era in terms of how quickly someone like Blake Griffin is trending after he adds another victim to his poster collection. Say whatever you want, but White Chocolate is easily one of my favourite players from my younger days. You could just tell that he was always having fun and just loved playing the game of basketball. There were stories about how he would go to the ‘Y’ and play pick up after finishing NBA games, just because he wanted to get in another run. For the kids who may be too young or for those of you who may have “forgot about J”, remember there was a time when he and his high school teammate Randy Moss (yes that Randy Moss) were both starring in their own Nike Ad:

I know some might only remember J-Will as a bench player on the Heat. But if that’s the case, then I beg you to take a second and watch what should be his resume or what could also be known as Court Cuts, before Court Cuts was a thing (RIP to Court Cuts by the way)

Plus who could forget his role in helping to change the NBA’s dress code.

jason williams


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