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The NFL where craziness happens….doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as the old NBA moniker.  But if you’re like me always looking for money line parlays here’s an interesting note.  The last 3 weeks only one 7 plus point favourite has lost out right and that was the Seahawks last week.  As always do with that information what you will.  This week, the Chiefs, Raiders, Eagles and Ravens are on the bye….but for everyone else….Lets keep the good times rolling.  Past the midway point of the season I’m 72-56-4.  Lets gooooooo


CARDS +6 over Seahawks

A reminder of my Thursday night football picks are available each and every week on my Instagram page ( although it comes with the buyer beware of being 0 for the last 5 weeks on TNF and so I decided to fade myself this week.  You see normally, I would have taken the Seahawks at home…but instead in an attempt to change my misfortunes I took the opposite and rolled with the Cards.  Yes, the same Cards that managed the late TD setting up the backdoor cover only to miss the extra point leaving me WITH A PUSH!!!!! Of course right….LOL.

TITANS -4.5 over Bengals

The Bengals are done.  Think about it, AJ Green has seen it all and has remained cool until last week when he finally had enough of Andy Dalton (I think LOL) and tried to take it out on Jalen Ramsey….

Chargers +4 over JAGS

Speaking of Mr. Ramsey…

But much like AJ Green’s frustrations boiling over with Andy Dalton, how many times in a row can I ride Blake Bortles and the Jags before it bites me in the ass right?  So with that in mind I’m trying to get out ahead of it and I’m taking the Chargers 4th ranked pass rush and 26 sacks against Bortles who has the 2nd worst passer rating in the NFL vs the blitz at 60.3.

Browns +10.5 over LIONS

I don’t like it, but I’m going to my classic “taking the points” on a double digit spread rule.  I don’t like this at all, but the Lions are on a short week…but again….it’s the Browns we’re talking about here.

Packers +5.5 over BEARS

The Bears favoured by more than a FG is TOO HIGH.  Also, I refuse to watch a second of this game.  Former Chicago star Jimmy Butler has moved on to Minnesota and because of that he decided to do an interview with ESPN while of all things….canoeing

Vikings – 1 over WASHINGTON

Speaking of Miiny.  I love teams coming off a bye week and Minnesota was already riding a 4 game win streak heading into the break.  How have they done it you ask?  Well first off they run the ball to the tune of 132 rushing yards per game, during their run AND THEY PLAY DEFENCE!!! Meanwhile, Mr. Cousins hasn’t led his team to over 300 yards of total offence in the last two weeks and so I don’t think they’ll be able to do it this week against a Vikings team that ranks 4th in total defence and 3rd overall in scoring D.  Plus, look at what ya mans is doing to his teammates….THIS IS A SET UP TING!!!

BILLS +3 over Saints

Home dog alert!!!! So if you follow us here on the #OnBlast NFL Fix, then you know that last week I pointed out the Bills upcoming schedule (@ LAR, @KC, vs NE) and so this is essentially a must win game for #BillsMafia if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive.  I’m not thrown off by their weird performance on Thursday night (cause really, how crazy have the TNF games been), so I’m banking on the Bills 8th ranked rush defense to slow down the travelling Saints.

BUCS +2.5 over Jets

I’m taking the home dog here because I feel as if the Jets have become over valued and the Bucs have become over scrutinized.   I’m not saying Tampa is good, but I’m not about to take the Jets who for some reason are favoured on the road despite 7 turnovers in the 4 road games.  Add that to allowing nearly 400 yards to those same opponents?!?!  I’ll gladly take Ryan Fitz-MAGIC against his former team, especially when he’s completing 63% of his passes and has a passer rating of 95.7 this season…..AND he doesn’t do this while trying to motivate his team.

COLTS +10 over Steelers

This is the week I’m sticking to my double digit spread rule.  Check my twitter feed on Sunday for video of me smashing my phone after rooting for Jacoby Brissett and whatever chump the Browns start, in their search of a late game back door cover.

RAMS -11 over Texans

Yeah so about that whole double digit spread thing.  HAVE YOU SEEN THE RAMS OFFENSE?!?!? Also, remember when the Texans started the season with Macho Man Tom Savage as their starting QB over Deshaun Watson?  Yeah…..well like your boy Brian McKnight once famously sang Houston is “starting back at one.”  But of course we couldn’t of had Watson healthy against the Rams for this game, because it’s the NFL and we’re not allowed nice things anymore.

Cowboys +3 over FALCONS

How “Bout Dem Cowboys…Zeke or no Zeke the Cowboys will be able to run the ball and the Falcons are 1-4 when they allow their opponents to rush for over 100 yards.  Now with Zeke, the Boys have rushed for an average of 183 yards per game…I don’t the Morris/Smith/McFadden trio will fall off more than 80 yards behind that O-Line.  Plus the Falcons appear to be joke on offense without my guy Shanny…..just look at what happened to Julio

But back to the Cowboys for a second, does anyone know the story behind the Tony Romo vs Deion Sanders BEEF?!?!?  I have no idea, but I like it

NINERS +2.5 over Giants

Kyle Shanahan…Matt Ryan has made me a believer.  So whatever you decide to do with Jimmy G, I’m in.  Also the Giants are no longer believers in their coach.  Do you wanna know how I know?  Watch this performance by their defence on 3rd and 33

Patriots -7.5 over BRONCOS

I really want to take the Broncos here, but the QB situation in Denver is SO BAD.  Plus, the Pats appear to be finding their yearly groove where we as football fans don’t even wonder anymore about the “how”, we just sit back and accept Brady and Belichick for the GANGSTERS that they are.

PANTHERS -9 over Dolphins

How do the Dolphins have so many night games?!?!? Out of protest alone I’m taking the Panthers.  Well sort of, I also think Miami is done this year because all of the South Beach magic is being used up by “The U”.  Have you seen


This Week 0-0-1
Last Week 7-5-1
Season 72-56-4


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Week 8 favourites 12-1 straight up, 8-5 against the spread.  The favourites were 18 games under .500 two weeks ago and so I guess things are starting to evening out.  Last week, instead of writing jokes and finding stats, I wrote about the Texans owner’s comments about “The inmates running the prison”(  And since those comments things have taken a turn for the Texans, but more on that later.  The pics at the bottom of said column were FIRE…..11-2 last week after a terrible 3 week slide.

This week the Bears, Vikings, Patriots, Steelers, Chargers and Browns are all on the bye. But hey, at least the Browns can’t lose this week and that’s at least a moral victory right?  Nope, instead….the Browns thought they made a trade with the Bengals to land AJ McCarron (shout out to Mrs Webb-McCarron by the way and in case you’ve forgotten about AJ’s significant other…you’re welcome.

But in real life, while the Bengals were completing their trade call with the league office, the Browns were busy celebrating their “new QB” and missed the trade deadline.  This is not a joke and to be honest I only really believe this report because it involves the Browns.  Only the Cleveland Browns could find a way to lose during their bye week.


Bills -3 over JETS

The Bills were 5-2….and I was sipping the kool-aid and ended up losing my 5th straight Thursday night football game ATS. According to ESPN, this is 3rd time since 2000 the Bills started 5-2. All 3 times they lost their 8th game of season to Jets.  Wish I knew this before the game….SMH.   But its not all bad as they did add a new member to #BillsMafia this week.  Before the trade deadline, Buffalo added Kelvin Benjamin to bolster their offence and they’re going to need it.  After their no show against the Jets, the Bills are home to the  Saints, @ Chargers, @ Chiefs, and home to the Patriots.  Somehow, someway they’ll have to go 2-2 over that span to maintain their playoff push.  Also, I’m not going to fully bail on the Bills just because they crashed and burned on a short week.  With that said, it was a week filled with L’s for Buffalo’s own Rob Gronkowski, who got CRUSHED in a rap battle by the star of “Jane The Virgin”

Falcons -1.5 over PANTHERS

This line opened at Panthers -2.5, but that was before they traded away Cam’s best friend.  I have yet to hear a good explanation as to why the Panthers decided to trade away their best receiver despite being 5-3 heading into a divisional game.  I don’t get it at all.  So I’m taking the Falcons just cause….but also because Cam Newton has the 2nd most giveaways in the NFL this season with 12.

TITANS -3 over Ravens

This game was off the board because of Joe Flacco’s health.  And for the record, I didn’t think it was a dirty hit by Kiko Alonso at all.  What is he supposed to do, assume the elite Joe Flacco is going to slide?  Of course not.  Problem is, in 2017 that LOOKED like the type of hit their trying to eliminate from the game….despite the fact that its football and you’re allowed to tackle people.  Flacco or not, again I’m never going to be swayed too much either way by anything that happens on Thursday night.  So I’m taking the better team, the Titans….especially off of their bye week.  Also of note, in their 4 wins the Titans have rushed for 155.6 yards per game and 6 touchdowns.  While the Raves are allowing 132.8 yards per game on the ground, which ranks 30th in the NFL.  Go Titans.  The other professional team in town had a little fun for Halloween.  Preds forward Nick Bonino and his wife dressed up as fans to get autographs from his teammates and of course PK was there to film the entire thing.

JAGUARS -4.5 over Bengals  

Last week for me was the last straw with the Bengals.  They almost lost at home to the Colts.  Meanwhile at this point of the season, I’m going to bet on things that I know for sure and I know for sure that the Jags defense IS LEGIT.  Just don’t mess this up Mr. Bortles.  Now we’ve already mentioned the failed Bengals/Browns trade, but here’s here’s the reaction of Fox Sports Ohio host Bruce Drennan.

EAGLES -7.5 over Broncos

I’m going to ride the Eagles train until the wheels fall off.  Plus, they boost their running game by trading for Jay Ajayi.  Meanwhile, Trevor Siemian appears to be losing his job in Denver to ya mans Brock Osweiler.  Also Philly is LIT right now.  As we discussed on this week’s #BallOnBlast  ( the Embiid/Simmons duo is so hype, they’re becoming to hot for regular tv

Colts +7 over TEXANS

As mentioned earlier, last week I wrote about Texans owner Bob McNair’s “inmates running the prison” comments (  What happened next was CRAZY.  Pretty much the entire team kneeled on Sunday

Then the team traded away Duane Brown who was said to be “the spokesperson” for the players in their response to the owner’s comments.  But following another amazing performance by Deshaun Watson in a shootout loss in Seattle, this happens

Sometimes sports just isn’t fair.  Watson was off to arguably the best start by a rookie QB in NFL history and now he joins this super sad list.

I don’t wanna believe this, so I’m just gonna move on.

Rams -3.5 over GIANTS

This seems way too low.  The Rams are just way better than the Giants and they’re coming off a bye.  The Giants are also missing their top corner Janoris Jenkins, while the Rams are putting up 30.3 points per game which is 2nd in the league.  Speaking of LA’s favourite team that didn’t just lose a World Series and doesn’t have a member of the Ball family on it….the Rams are 4-0 when Todd Gurley rushes for 100 yards.  Now Todd Gurley is having a great year, but is he having as much fun in LA as Lonzo did on his birthday?  His shooting form is still terrible, but “HE GOT THE MOVES”

SAINTS -7 over Bucs

The Saints have won 5 in a row in which they have 11 takeaways and have rushed for an average of 140 yards per game.  Meanwhile the Bucs are 0-4-1 ATS in their last 5 weeks.  Mr Winston could be in trouble as the Saints defense is allowing a 52.4 passer rating during their 5 game winning streak.  This just seems to line up as a classic Drew Brees shootout win.  Now the Saints are on fire…but are they as FIRE as the “Hot Chip Challenge”

NINERS +1.5 over Cards

Jimmy Garoppolo is a Niner and I’m so happy.  As a Niners fan, all I wanted was to NOT SIGN KIRK COUSINS TO A MONSTER CONTRACT.  Yes Jimmy G is going to sign for a nice chunk of change, but for a 2nd round pick I’ll take a chance on someone graduating from  “Brady & Belichick University”.  Plus, I have faith in Young Shanny to make this work, you don’t need to dig deep into Matt Ryan’s splits from last year to this year to see the Shanny affect on his success.  So yes, I’m hype despite the fact Jimmy G has only 94 career passes, while Derek Carr has thrown 101 passes in the past 2 weeks.  I’m ok with this…I really am.

SEAHAWKS -7 over Washington

The Seahawks are coming off a great win against the Texans AND then they end up trading for Houston’s best offensive lineman.  Ranking 2nd in total offense, the Seahawks are ROLLING and I’m gonna ride the wave against Kirk Cousins in Seattle.

Chiefs +2 over COWBOYS

I’m going with the Chiefs because it might take a while to get adjusted to life without Zeke.  That is, if he is actually suspended.  Please let him finally be suspended so this is over.   The line moved from 2.5 to 1 following his latest rejected appeal, so let’s see if that sticks…..OH WAIT IT DIDN’T AND HE’S NOW HE’S PLAYING AGAIN…..WTF?!?! This is all so dumb, but either way I’d be on the Chiefs and the points as their offence leads the NFL at 6.5 yards per play and ranks 3rd in the NFL at 29.5 points per game.  Plus Travis Kelce’s dance moves are FIRE

@killatrav is undefeated in his #NFLCelebrations 🙌

A post shared by The Checkdown (@thecheckdown) on

And shout out to Randy Moss

Raiders -2.5 over DOLPHINS

Adam Gase says the Dolphins have the worst offense in the league.  Then they traded away their starting running back. Yup, I’ll take the Raiders.

Lions -2.5 over PACKERS

I will hopefully be watching basketball or finally catching up on HBO’s The Deuce, basically anything other than watching this game.  A quick question for Detroit fans, were you cheering for Justin Verlander in the World Series?  Either way, dude was lights out and he gets to go home to Kate Upton.  Speaking of, how about this introduction when meeting one of your girlfriends friends

Filming Kate Upton’s “Dougie” should be at the top of his linked in bio and on behalf of the entire internet, I would like to thank you for capturing one of the best online videos of all time.

As always……#HappyShmoneyDancing

This Week 0-1

Last Week 11-2

Season 65-52-3


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On this episode of “Ball on Blast” Sheldon and Andrew discuss:

00 – RAP IT UP – An update on the Raptors west coast trip, getting blown out in Denver and what happened to Serge Ibaka?
11:58 – TURN UP OR TURN DOWN – Should the Cavs be worried, did the Pacers win the PG trade and Is Kristaps the next Dirk?
26:44 – FEED ME – NBA Halloween parties, OKC’s plane and the red panda lady is struggling
36:00 – ASK ON BLAST – Can the Grizz & Magic stay hot, how is Ben Simmons this good and does ARod have game?

Or check out some of our YouTube content from EP3 of #BallOnBlast:

Let us know what you think and follow us on twitter
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Hope you enjoy the show and don’t forget to #TellYoFriends

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Halloween is a great time of year.  People have fun, get dressed up and party.  But its also a time when we get to see famous professional athletes let their guard down and act just like us.  So we here at #OnBlast decided to go through and find the best/worst Halloween costumes from the sporting world.


Georgie!! Georgie!! #HappyHalloweenFolks 🎈🎈

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Mr and Mrs Trump🇺🇸

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White Men Can't Jump! #halloween2017

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"Make love to the canvas" – Bob Ross

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@charleswoodson Happy Halloween Earthlings!!#haveablessed1

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Lady boss #Halloween

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Cruisin' down the street in my '64 #ripEazyE #StraightOuttaCompton #Halloween2017

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Last nights festivities was epic 🔥🔥We appreciate it bro @kingjames

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Happy Halloween from the Mario Bros. and Princess Peach

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I’m so rattled by the NFL, I went back and forth on what to do this week.  Do I not write a picks column at all? Do I just post the picks alone with no explanation.  I’m so confused because the okey doke surrounding the NFL, Colin Kaepernick and the protests is beyond frustrating and hit a new low after ESPN reported comments made by Texans Owner Bob McNair in which he said “We can’t have the inmates running the prison”.  This was during an owners meeting about player protests during the national anthem.  Now there’s so many levels to this, but one things for damn sure YOU JUST CALLED NFL PLAYERS PRISON INMATES.  Again, you just referred to your employees as inmates.  There is absolutely no excuse or explanation for that in the year 2017.  Even if he meant to say “You can’t have the inmates running the asylum” there would still be outrage due to the “coding” that statement implies.  Again for those who have forgotten, all black people were asking was for cops to not kill us, but if they did, for them to be held accountable.  That’s it.  Colin Kaepernick kneeled in protest during the anthem to bring awareness to this situation.  He kneeled after speaking to military veterans on how he could protest while not disrespecting the flag.  He also did this while donating a million dollars to charities and soon after other players followed suit even after NFL owners and the President of the United States hijacked the conversation to spin it into the power struggle we sit in now.  And now we’re here, an NFL owner mad about the inmates running the prison or asylum or whatever other institution you want to try to place your mostly black employees under.  This is what it is when we talk about systematic racism.  This is what it is in its most blatant form.  Here you have a bunch of rich men making money on the back of people they deem to be lesser than them.  You have people dealing with real life issues that go far beyond their place of business.  But instead of listening to the actual issue, this becomes about the people in power and how much the actual issue affects them.  I don’t think the outrage is actually about people not standing for the anthem.  I’ve always believed it was more so about “how dare you” not listen to us when we tell you to stand.  Its more about a power structure and a reminder to employees (and people of colour) about who is in charge.  And remember, “They” always need to remind “Us” who is really in control.  So we get okey dokes at every turn.  People talk about NFL ratings being down, but no mention of cord cutters or tv ratings being down across the board.  Instead they tell us its because of the anthem protests, but never mention that there could be a segment of the sports viewing population that is upset about a quarterback being blackballed after protesting racial injustice.  What about those people who may have turned away? Do they count in the ratings slide or no because it doesn’t fit the narrative of the owners.  This ladies and gents is why people are starting to demand more diversity at the top.  If people in power can’t relate or understand the issues of their employees, then we will forever be stuck in the mud of social inequality.  And no this isn’t just black or white, as we can see what’s going on in Hollywood right now, its also a gender issue.  Because until some form of chance at the top happens, we will always be serving the narrative of one group and one group only.  But the problem for “They”….in 2017, is there’s this thing called the internet where people can call you on your BS and as per usual….the internet was having none of Bob McNair’s “inmate” comments.

The wife of Texans offensive lineman Duane Brown, Devi also took to twitter to voice her outrage:

On Friday, DeAndre Hopkins missed practice and ESPN reported that it was “related” to McNair’s comments.  Other Texans players were seriously considering skipping practice as well, but were ultimately convinced to show up.  I’m guessing this storyline isn’t going anywhere as we could see another increase in player protests during the anthem this Sunday.  Which means more Donald Trump tweets and then its round and round we go on the racism merry go round…..where will it stop….nobody knows.  To be honest this makes football so much more frustrating.  But while I am getting tired of explaining racism to people, the reality is this is still a major opportunity for those who don’t normally understand the frustrations of minorities (or women for that matter) and how the abuse of power affects our daily lives.  We’re forced to walk around “playing defence” at all times because we know exactly how you view us and this crappy apology is one of those times where someone isn’t sorry for their actions….they’re sorry they got caught.  And for the record….we never fall for these apologies.

Not that I really care about the picks this week cause there’s gonna be bigger fish to fry in NFL circles, but here they are anyways:


Dolphins +3.5 over RAVENS

Vikings -7.5 over Browns (in London)

Colts +11 over BENGALS

SAINTS -8.5 over Bears

BILLS -2 over Raiders

Falcons -4 over JETS

EAGLES -11.5 over Niners

Panthers +2 over BUCS

Cowboys -2.5 over WASHINGTON

Texans +5.5 over SEATTLE

Chargers +7.5 over PATS

Steelers -3 over LIONS

CHIEFS – 7 over Broncos


This Week 0-1

Last Week 5-8-2

Season 54-50-3

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