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Reason’s why I was cheering for the Giants to win the NLCS over the Cardinals. 1) St. Louis fans were chanting absolutely ridiculous things like “Africa, Africa, Africa” at Ferguson/Michael Brown protesters outside of Busch Stadium during the NLDS (

2) The Giants were getting TURNT UP to Miami Rapper Stitches’ “Brick In Yo Face” after their win in the divisional series.  If you’re not familiar with the kid, the myth, the legend that is Stitches, we covered it after the Giants NLDS celebration (

So that brings us to yet another epic, Giant, party (pardon the pun).  There were rumours of country music and even the dougie, but I know exactly what I was waiting for.  My dude Stitches, first a carefully edited version

But of course the fun didn’t stop there.

One last one just cause…

Honestly, if you tell me that you can listen to that beat and not instantly get hyped up, then I don’t want to be friends with you because you’re boring.  That beat is crazy and the hook “Now what you gon’ do wit it” is just so damn catchy (just stopped writing to that I could find the song and start playing it as I finish this post)

Ok…I’m back and of course there was a lot more going on as well in the Giants locker room.  Mr. Bumgarner was at it again doing his best Frank the Tank impression.

Hunter Pence getting his Daniel Bryan on.

Also a huge shout out to Matt Snyder for these vines and maybe the coolest might be these two of the crowds reaction, just moments after the massive home run by Travis Ishikawa.

My only question now is who has more of the hip hop pop culture mojo right now, the Kansas City after their Chris Brown remix “These O’s Ain’t Royal” shirts


or the Giants and Stitches?  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  But before old media types get on their high horse about the musical content, please just remember that it’s just sports;  and sports, like music is just entertainment.  So it’s all just supposed to be fun.  Don’t ruin it by over analyzing Chris Brown or Stitches lyrics, it’s not that serious.  Both songs just honestly have a catchy ass beat.  It’s like my obsession with Bobby Shmurda and the Shmoney Dance (

It’s not that serious, just some good ole fun. It’s really as simple as that, so relax and enjoy the gift that we as sports fans have been given in terms of a great World Series matchup.

As always, just my thoughts.  Right or wrong, just how I’m feeling at the time.



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