ohn and Sheldon spend the first 10 minutes of You Killed IT praising Emily before talking about Riff Raff, Terrell Owens, the return of Tori and cold pizza.

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On this episode of “Ball on Blast” Sheldon and Andrew discuss:

00 – TURN UP OR TURN DOWN – The Warriors need to chill, LeBron is MVP
20:13 – FEED ME – LaVar Ball dunking all over the world
39:13 – RAP IT UP – Are the Raptors a good “League Pass” team? Are they going streaking and a closer look at Masai’s youth movement
55:10 – SIXERS CORNER – The Sixers get Trevor Booker

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CT versus TO has left John and Sheldon divided on this week’s episode of You Killed It. But the healing power of The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars brings them back together to discuss whether or not Riff Raff should get his own reality TV show. The boys also break down the new trailer for The Challenge: Vendettas

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Washington -1.5 over COWBOYS

I can’t even deal anymore with the Thursday night football games.  If you’ve been following me on Instagram ( then you know that things haven’t been going well for me for a least the last 6 weeks.  I’ve tried everything, common sense, not so common sense, fading my own picks, picking a name out of a hat and yet NOTHING.  Yet somehow, I’m still 96-74-5 against the spread on the year.  So let’s just focus on the positives and move on to the rest of the picks.  Of note, last week favourites were 12-3 and since week 7 the favourites are 54-23-7.


Broncos -2 over DOLPHINS

The chain snatching part 2.  I can’t believe this happened again.  The obvious question is why would Crabtree wear the chain again against the Denver?  Well, one can only assume for basically the past year his boys, his girl, his entire family and friends have been asking him how he let Talib punk him like that and on national TV.  And so if you’re Crabtree, you kind of have to wear it again AND you have to confront Talib ON SIGHT….reason being, chain snatching is one of the highest forms of disrespect because it’s a person blatantly showing you they can take your chain and you’re not going to do anything to stop them.  And….I know, I know….there’s a segment of the population that thinks this is crazy.  How can they be fighting over a chain during a game.  But I already addressed those folks on twitter…

So please just sit back and enjoy…its way easier that way.

RAVENS -3 over Lions

The Ravens defence is BALLIN, they lead the NFL in takeaways with 26, while only 5 teams have more giveaways than the Lions since week 5.  Need more reasons to pick the Ravens, how about the fact they have 14 sacks over their last 4 games, while the Lions have allowed Matt Stafford to get sacked 10 times over his last 3 games.  Quick math tells me this isn’t a good look for the Detroit Football.  And if Stafford isn’t careful, things could go bad for him….kind of like what almost happened to this Australian TV host.

TITANS -7 over Texans

This is a revenge game for the Titans who were blown out by the Texans earlier this season.  This time around, Tom Savage is at QB and not Deshaun Watson and the “Not-So-Macho-Man” has 12 turnovers in his 5 starts and on the other side the Titans defence has 11 sacks in their last 2 games.

 Colts +9.5 over JAGS

I still can’t convince myself to take a Blake Bortles offence to cover a spread that’s more than a touchdown.  Why don’t they just throw money at Tony Romo?  I think he has some free time on his hands

What is Romo doing?! 😂 (via @lala)

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JETS +3 over Chiefs

The Jets are 6-1 against the spread in their last 7 home games.  Also as much as I want to hate on Josh McCown, he has a passer rating of 101.9 to go along with 7 TDs and 1 INT over his last 4 games.   Plus, what was a strength for KC early has now been lost. As they have just one 100 yard rushing game in their last 6 outings.   Alex Smith you are who we thought you were….

 Vikings +3 over FALCONS

The Falcons have won 4 of 5 and Matt Ryan has 9 TDs and 2 INTs over that span.  But they have the toughest sched in the NFL the rest of the way and it starts this week against Minny.  And in case you were wondering the Vikings are for real.  Case Keenum over his last 3 games is completing over 70% of his passes at 9 yards per.  Who could have predicted this?!?!  Also after losing Dalvin Cook, the running game has yet to drop off as much as first anticipated.  In fact Latvius Murray has 5 rushing TDs in his last 5 games.  While at the same time Atlanta’s run defense is allowing 5.1 yards per carry over their last 4 games.

BILLS +9 over Pats

The Pats are doing what the Pats normally do, but I don’t feel comfortable taking them by more than a TD against the Bills.  I most likely will end up regretting this on Sunday, but until then…lets enjoy Bill Belichick mic’d up

Niners +3 over BEARS

Shout out to the Niners starting the future Jimmy G.  But to be honest I’m not sure how to feel about this because I still want them to lose to secure the highest possible draft pick.  Maybe even someone for Jimmy to throw to….speaking of Niners WR.  Have you seen what T.O’s been up to….

Of course if you haven’t checked out our Challenge Podcast….you’re missing out

PACKERS -2 over Bucs

I will not watch a second of this game.  Let me know when Aaron Rodgers is back.  You know what’s more entertaining than this game?  This dance off


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Browns +13.5 over CHARGERS

The Chargers are starting to come on, winners of 5 of 7 games.  But I think 13.5 is too many points….even against the Browns.  The only thing that makes me nervous is Cousin Sal on the Bill Simmons podcast now referring to DeShone Kizer as “Kizer So-So” LOLOLOLOLOL

SAINTS -4 over Panthers

Cam has had 4 games this year with a passer rating below 60…and that can’t happen.  During the Panthers 4 game win streak Cam has just 1 game with more than 200 yards passing. Meanwhile the Saints are still rolling, they just ran into the really good Rams team last week.  Drew Brees in his last 5 games has a 109.8 passer rating.  I’m taking Brees at home over Cam.

Rams -7 over CARDS

Only blemish on the Rams so far Goff has been sacked 9 times in the last 3 games.  They close well, which is emphasized by being the only team in the NFL remains on offense for 9 minutes a game in the 4th Q.  Talk about being the Mariano of the Marriott.

RAIDERS -7.5 over Giants

I’m taking the Raiders only because the Giants are benching Eli Manning because they think Geno Smith gives them the best chance to win.  This one was just too easy for the LEGEND Mike Francesa

Eagles -5 over SEAHAWKS

Russell Wilson accounts for 86% of the teams’ offense, which is the most in the league.  The Seahawks are also the most penalized team in the NFL.  The Eagles continue to roll and since week 8 their passing defence is giving up NFL lows in completion percentage, yards per pass, passer rating and big plays.   You could argue they have the best unit in football right now.  Also of note, the Seahwaks haven’t been more than a FG underdog at home since 2012.   One might say it’s a changing of the guard a top the NFC.  To make Seahawks fans feel better, I think Marshawn Lynch has focused more on his reality show than his football career….and to be honest I’m not complaining.

“Not on the J’s, Scientist!”

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Steelers -5 over BENGALS

The Steelers should bounce back on national tv after almost losing to Brent Hundley.  They will get up for their rivals from Cincy.  Speaking of the Bengals, their run D has allowed 146.2 yards per over their last 6 games.  Not a good look when you’re facing Le’Veon Bell who’s averaging about 120 yards per game and 4 touchdowns during Pittsburgh’s 4 game road winning streak.


This Week 0-1

Last Week 10-6
Season 96-75-5



On this episode of “Ball on Blast” Sheldon and Andrew discuss:

00 – TURN UP OR TURN DOWN – The Cave are back, Panic time in OKC, The Clipper Curse and The Spurs and Pistons surprising starts
33:03 – RAP IT UP – Drake the broadcaster and Marc Gasol Raptors rumours
39:08 – FEED ME – NBA Players take to social media to defend David Fizdale including Stephen Jackson vs Chandler Parsons
49:50 – ASK ON BLAST – Team Kate Middleton or Team Megan Markle

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