John and Sheldon are back to their original recording habits just in times for things to kick into high gear for The Challenge: Dirty XXX. The boys revisit Nelson and Camilla’s misbehaviour, discuss the hard alliances forming and heap praise on the gameplay of Veronica and Jordan.

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Wow what a week.  ONLY 4 favourites covered in week 3.  The Cowboys, Chiefs, Titans and Falcons….BARELY.  I did say at the end of last week’s picks


And boy did the home dogs come through, 7 of the 10 home dogs not only covered, but they WON OUTRIGHT.  With all the craziness that happened I somehow managed a 10-6 record and sit 21-11 over the last two weeks.  Imagine if I didn’t blow week one….but hey….let’s just stick to the positives and keep the good times rolling right?!?!?!


PACKERS – 7 over Bears

As always you can find my Thursday night football picks on my Instagram page before kickoff ( but I honestly had no choice other than to go with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.  I would rather lose, than find myself rooting for Mike Glennon on a final drive for a back door cover….CAN’T DO IT….WON’T DO IT….

Saints -3 over DOLPHINS (IN LONDON)

How on earth did the Dolphins lose to the Jets?!?!?!  I was so close to taking Miami in my survivor pool, but instead I sweated out an OT win by the Packers.  But now I have no idea what to make of the Dolphins…kind of like I never knew what to make of Jay Cutler’s entire career.  But I do know the Saints, but more importantly Drew Brees is still that dude….despite his thoughts on the anthem protest.

Bills +8.5 over FALCONS

The Falcons might be the luckiest 3-0 team in the history of the NFL.  The Bears were the Bears and couldn’t score from the 5 yard line with the game on the line in week one. Then on Sunday the Lions missed the game winning TD by INCHES.  Last week I had faith in the Bills….and I’m taking the points yet again.  Let’s go #BillsMafia

Panthers +9 over PATRIOTS

Tom Brady did Tom Brady things to save the Patriots from losing to DeShaun Watson and the Texans.  If we learned anything, it’s that Patriots lines are super inflated.  If this was a TD, I’d be in on the Pats.  But at 9 points, I can talk myself into “maybe this is the week that Cam finally shows up”.

Bengals – 3 over BROWNS

Someone has to win right?!?!?!  I’m on the Bengals because they almost beat the Packers, whereas the Browns….are still the Browns.  Speaking of Cleveland, I’d like to take this time to remind all of those people who said the Jays would be ok letting Edwin go because Kendrys Morales would basically put up the same numbers at a much cheaper price…..

MORALES:                28 HR, 85 RBI, .251 AVG, .309 OBP, .448 SLG, -0.2 WAR

ENCARNACION:      38 HR, 104 RB1, .261 AVG, .381 OBP, .510 SLG, 2.8 WAR

Just a reminder, you should always pay the extra money for the real Jordans and never….EVER settle for the bootleg version.

VIKINGS -2 over Lions

I have to be honest, I didn’t believe in Matt Stafford and the Lions heading into this season.  But so far they’ve proven to always be in the mix late.  BUT….even with Case Keenum at the helm, the Vikings put on a show and might have the best WR duo in the league in Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen.

Jaguars -3 over JETS

The Jets won, but their winning streak will be short lived.  I still don’t think Jacksonville is good, but they’re for sure better than the Jets.  The Jags D should EAT FOOD.

Rams +6 over COWBOYS

The Rams offense looked LEGIT (although it was against the Niners) and Aaron Donald is a BEAST on D.  Meanwhile the Cowboys don’t look right, especially Zeke.  I like the Rams to keep this game close.  But I’d also like to give a shout out to that hustler Jerry Jones.  We all know he wanted nothing to do with his team kneeling during the anthem, but Trump forced his hand and he had to at least try to compromise with his players.  So kneeling “before” the anthem was the greatest hustle ever.  But the real slime ball move was Jerry making sure a cameraman was in position to catch him kneeling.  Now that’s an OG hustle….


Steelers -3 over RAVENS

Steelers bounce back, I think the “to kneel” or “not to kneel” took a toll on the Steelers.  Meanwhile the maybe the same can be said about the Ravens….but Ray Lewis’ “prayers” won’t allow me to take Baltimore.  Speaking of Ray Ray, if you haven’t heard about him getting “Donkey of the Day” earlier this week then please take a second to listen.  And if you don’t know what “Donkey of the Day” is…then I’m not sure we can be friends anymore.

Also, at the time of this post that “Donkey of the Day” segment is over 48 hours old and people are still flooding Ray Lewis’ mentions with poop emojis. Another reminder “The internet is undefeated”

TEXANS +1.5 over Titans

I spent Sunday at the Apple Store at Fairview mall getting my laptop fixed and so while I was waiting the 2 hours to see someone at the Genius Bar, I posted up at a bar and watched the Texans/Patriots game.  As mentioned earlier, DeShaun Watson is legit.  I always find it funny how the NFL draft works.  We watched Watson do his thing at the pinnacle of College football for two straight years and then he falls in the draft for whatever reason.  Then you see something like this and wonder how other teams that need a QB could have passed on such a quality person.

This story gets even more interesting when you realize that an 11 year old Watson and his family were given a house by ex NFL’er Warrick Dunn back in 2006.  It was part of Dunn’s Charity “Homes for the Holidays” which helped single parent families acquire their first homes.

Just a reminder for all you “Stick to Sports” people that you can’t have it both ways.

BUCS -3 over Giants

Despite having no idea how they lost to Case Keenum last week, I’m rolling with the Bucs because the Giants appear to be completely lost.  Ben McAdoo has to be in trouble if they go 0-4 right?  Odell finally woke up from his slumber only to do this after catching his first TD of the season

Slow clap for this one. The New York headline writers are the best.

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Eagles +1 over CHARGERS

Does it even matter that the Chargers are at home?   There might even be more Philly fans at the game.  Either way, shout out to their kicker Jake Elliott and his 61 yard game winning FG and to Carson Wentz for putting up his game cheque

Niners +7 over CARDINALS

Taking the points, because why are the Cardinals favoured by a touchdown against anyone???? But especially the Niners who haven’t played since last Thursday, while the Cards played on Monday night.

Raiders +3 over BRONCOS

The Raiders let me down last week.  They did not show up at all in Washington, but I still have faith they will bounce back and at least cover a FG

SEAHAWKS -13 over Colts

I try and take the points whenever we’re dealing with double digit spreads, but I just can’t do it here.  Seattle hasn’t looked good yet for a full game this season.  So this should be the week.  The Colts should just pack it in.  Shout out to Doug Baldwin and Michael Bennett on CNN the other night.

CHIEFS -7 over Redskins

I’m so in on the Chiefs.  At some point this season my pal Alex Smith will let me down, but for now I’M ALL IN on Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill.  Don’t mess this up Andy….

#HappyShmoneyDancing my friends


This week 1-0

Last week 10-6

This Season 26-22


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An eventful episode of The Challenge has Sheldon and John discussing a wide range of topics on You Killed It. The boys talk about rubbing nipples, wearing other people’s underwear and whether or not Hunter is over-reacting to getting dumped.

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Ok so it’s been a crazy week.  Came back from a wedding in Cancun on Wednesday, back to work Thursday.  Recorded our #YouKilledIt podcast about MTV’s The Challenge last night, edited the podcast overnight:

and then back to work on Friday.  And now I’m here for week 3 of our #OnBlast NFL picks.  First off, shout out to the Niners for one of the strangest covers in recent memory.  And yes I did have the Niners +3 over the Rams.  Don’t forget my Thursday night football picks are always on my Instagram page sometime BEFORE kickoff:

The Niners might be “the good” bad team this year.  They’ll lose games, but they’re frisky and hang around…and cover spreads.

Either way, that moves me to 2-1 on #TNF for the season and continues the hot streak.  I’ve bounced back from a rough start to the season with an 11-5 week 2 performance.  So let’s keep things going.


Ravens -3.5 over JAGS (In London)

The Ravens D is LEGIT and so next up is…Blake Bortles…I’ll take it.  Can’t lie, the extra half point has me nervous….but I’d need at least a TD if I were to bet on the Jags here.

Falcons -3 over LIONS

Matt Stafford has looked great this season, but I’m still not a believer until they beat someone better than the Cardinals or Giants.  Detroit native Draymond Green isn’t one to shy away from a great quote.  Warrior’s media day took place on Friday and Draymond was asked what he said to Kevin Durant after he found out about his “twitter-gate” saga.  Let’s just say Mr. Green didn’t disappoint

Never change Draymond….never change.

COLTS +1.5 over Browns

How can I possibly take the Browns as favourites against anybody?  Nope, not even against the Colts.  Serious question, when was the last time the Browns were ROAD FAVOURITES?!?!?! Also, interesting note: Hue Jackson is 2-22 as the head coach of the Cleveland Browns.  CLEEEEEEEVVVLANNNND THIS IS FOR YOOOOUUUUUUUUUU.  Side note, I’m so in on the Indians, so my tradition of writing about other Cleveland teams while betting against the Browns will continue for yet another season.

BILLS +3 over Broncos

Of course we all love home dogs and so I wanted to take the Bills here.  But for some reason, I can picture myself getting so upset on Sunday afternoon after being let down by Buffalo yet again.  I mean of course they’d let me down….it’s the Bills right?  So, based off of that look into the future and the fact the Broncos D dominated the Cowboys running game, I was gonna roll with Von and company.  And then I remembered this magical video….

How can I go against love…never change Bills Mafia.  Never Change

Texans +14 over PATS

Too many points.  Normally I just take the double digit points automatically, but in this case I have to take the Texans because I’m just not sure the Pats are as good as they looked last week.  Brady lit up the Saints in the first half, but the Texans should be able to slow down the Pats at least a little bit….or at least to cover two touchdowns.

Dolphins -6 over JETS

Under normal circumstances I’d take the Jets as home dogs in a divisional game.  But Jay Cutler looked solid in his debut against the Chargers…..and oh yeah….the Jets stink.  Maybe they should sign this High School kid Cameron Baker from Iowa.

Saints +5.5 over PANTHERS

Cam hasn’t looked good at all this season.  He’ll bust out eventually, but I just don’t think it will be this week against a division rival.  Also, I just can’t see the Saints going 0-3 and the Panthers going 3-0.  But that’s just me, so I’m taking the points.

Giants +6 over EAGLES

If the Giants go 0-3 they’re in BIG trouble in the NFC East and your boy Ben McAdoo might be out of a job.  Odell needs to do something soon because my fantasy team depends on it.  But while the city of New York searches for answers, one man may have already found the problem.  And his name is Don La Greca

Steelers -7 over BEARS

I think I’m going to fade the Bears for the next few weeks in my survivor pool.  At least until Money Mitch gets a chance.  And yes I just made up the nickname Money Mitch.

Bucs -2.5 over VIKINGS

Are the Bucs for real?  I’m not sure, but I’m interested to see their offence go up against that Vikings D.  Sam Bradford isn’t that good….but him being out forces me to go with the Bucs here.

Seahawks +3 over TITANS

I feel like I’m taking way too many road teams this week.  Something’s gotta give right?  How did the Seahawks almost lose to the Niners?  I’m giving the Seahawks one more week and on top of that…..I’ll fully believe in the Titans going forward if they put in work against the Legion of Boom.

Bengals +7.5 over PACKERS

The Packers are banged up and I love the extra half point the Bengals are getting as everyone begins to write the Andy Dalton obit pieces.  Hopefully their new offensive coordinator can figure out how to feed AJ Green the ball.

Chiefs -3 over CHARGERS

The Chargers move to LA hasn’t gone too well, as they have nothing even close to a home field advantage.  LA is and will always be only a Lakers town.  Speaking of the Lakers, Derek Fisher is on Dancing with the Stars.  To be honest, I question if Derek Fisher has any real friends, because honestly would you let one of your boys do this on national tv?

Raiders -3 over WASHINGTON

I’m taking the Raiders just because of Derek Carr’s performance in this commercial for the Educational Employees Credit Union

Cowboys -3 over CARDS

This public service announcement is brought to you by the good people at the #OnBlast Podcast:


You’ve been warned.

#HappyShmoneyDancing my friends


This week 1-0

Last week 11-5

This Season 16-16



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John and Sheldon take it international, chatting about the latest episode of The Challenge while John is in Paris, France. The boys talk about whether it’s worth fearing Aneesa, if Jemmye is psychic and just what the heck Tony is doing.

Also in big #YouKilledIt news, you can now find our podcast on iTunes!!!! So if that works better for you click the link below to subscribe and don’t forget to #TellYoFriends

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