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OnBlastPodcast.Wordpress.com for old episodes as well as video content. In this episode, Sheldon and Webster break down Jay-Z’s 13th studio album 4:44, try to get you to watch HBO’s The Defiant Ones doc and try to make sense of The XXL Freshman Class Cypher.

00 – Our review of Jay-Z’s 4:44
41:00 – HBO’S The Defiant Ones (Dr Dre/Jimmy Iovine doc)
45:00 – XXL’s Freshman Class

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This is what Kevin Durant signed up for when he joined Roc Nation Sports.  To have the ability to take his brand to the next level.  What better way to build your profile, than to give fans an inside look into the life of last season’s MVP.  Fresh off of his “On The Run Tour” HBO Doc, Jay Z put in a call to the suits to see what they could come up with for his top sports client.  Obviously the people at HBO are one of the best in the business when it comes to Sports Documentaries.  If you remember, HBO did a doc on Derek Jeter’s chase of 3000 hits, that was so good it even had Yankee haters shouting their new found RE2PECT (sorry, I had to) for The Captain.  This time around, Kevin Durant is already one of the most likeable superstars the NBA has seen in a long time.  So who wouldn’t want to learn even more about KD.  I mean, just this clip alone made him everyone’s favourite player right?

I can’t wait for this doc to air, but it is also a sad reminder that KD will miss the first month of the season with a foot injury.  But if the trailer is any indication.  Then the Thunder star will be back and better than ever.



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I know that this show gets chirped on a regular basis, but I can’t lie.  I absolutely love this series.  Jeff Daniels as Will McAvoy is so good.  Honestly that alone should be reason to watch.  If you work in the media or are in school studying to someday work in a newsroom, then you also should be watching this show.  Yes, I’ll admit that the love triangles are a bit much.  But I also understand why they exist and therefore that aspect doesn’t bother me that much.  Think about it.  If the entire show was all about how the media covers (but mostly butchers) the biggest news stories in the world, then this would be a pretty depressing show.  So the comic relief/love stories are there to lighten the mood every once in a while and I’m ok with that.

At the end of the day though, I just love great writing and say whatever you want, but Aaron Sorkin is a great, GREAT writer.  I know that some think that the dialogue on this show is a little thick at times.  But actually I appreciate that.  In an era when most things on television are dumbed down to it’s lowest common denominator, Sorkin is here writing smart characters that verbally spar at a mile a minute.  If you’re not paying attention or if you’re watching the show while surfing your instagram feed, then you’re bound to miss something for sure.  I consider myself to be somewhat of a smart person and I would like to think that I’m paying attention when I watch The Newsroom.  Yet, when I watch episodes for the second time around (as I often do) there’s always a joke or something that I missed during my first viewing.  I compare it almost to listening to a new rap album for the first time (think old Jay Z or Nas and not Lil Wayne or Bobby Shmurda) and you don’t really catch all of dope references on the first listen.  So you listen to it again and again and it seems like you pick up something different, a new line, a double entendre or a little nugget that you missed during your previous listening sessions.   Well that’s how I feel about The Newsroom.  I find that I enjoy re-watching episodes because every word seems so well thought-out and that there might be something new that I pick up during my second helping of “Sorkin Being Sorkin”.

Full disclosure, I work in the media.  So obviously theres a different kind of appreciation for how they depict the inner workings of a real newsroom.  I love seeing their pre show meetings, the conversations in the control room or their references to how long things take to render.  I’m a tv loser, I’m sorry, but these are just the facts.  I’ve been known to even throw out a “What Would Will McAvoy Do” in normal conversation.  I just can’t help it, that’s my dude plus I’m a sucker for any scene involving Charlie Skinner or Sloan Sabbith. (Complete side note, but doesn’t Neal Sampat look like Nabil Karim on TSN? Seriously though, google that).

So when you add it all up, I can’t wait for this season to start.  Plus, deep down even those of you that claim to “hate watch” this show, can all admit that you missed Will McAvoy and company too….right?  “Don’t you dare lie to me Big Mike…”

As always, just my thoughts.  Right or wrong, just how I’m feeling at the time.



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Here’s why this video is important. If you’re reading this, then that means you clicked on a Facebook or Twitter link to get to a webpage that my friends and I decided to make up with the hopes of having fun and entertaining our friends. Take a second and think about if that was no longer possible in its current form. How many different and new voices would we miss out on if this actually came to fruition? There’s someone somewhere writing or filming the next great story or song that we may never get to hear if this proposal becomes reality. That’s the beauty of the internet in its current state. Anyone can create their own content and share it with the masses through something like YouTube. But what if the next generation of YouTube isn’t able to be developed?  The next great idea or concept may never get to see the light of day as the internet allows a start up to do now.

Yes the world wide web is filled with a lot crap that we enjoy as guilty pleasures, but beyond that there are some great things that we all get to share in because of the way that the internet currently works. Things that matter, that don’t necessarily get covered in the mainstream media for financial or political reasons often make their way to the forefront because they go “viral” on the internet. What if that unique way of the world is suddenly lost?

Sorry, I’m going to stop trying to pretend as if I can articulate this anywhere near as well as John Oliver did on his HBO version of the Daily Show, but in closing I’ll say this; in the future, chances are that I wouldn’t have been made aware of this video and then wouldn’t have been able to share it with you if this amendment was actually made. So if the existence of “The OnBlast Podcast” isn’t a good a enough reason for you to think that this video is important…then I honestly don’t know what is…LOL

And for the record Oliver’s plea did work work in terms of garnering some attention, as he shut down the FCC’s website.   Here’s some of the response from the twitter world:


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