Ok so it’s been a crazy week.  Came back from a wedding in Cancun on Wednesday, back to work Thursday.  Recorded our #YouKilledIt podcast about MTV’s The Challenge last night, edited the podcast overnight:


and then back to work on Friday.  And now I’m here for week 3 of our #OnBlast NFL picks.  First off, shout out to the Niners for one of the strangest covers in recent memory.  And yes I did have the Niners +3 over the Rams.  Don’t forget my Thursday night football picks are always on my Instagram page sometime BEFORE kickoff: https://www.instagram.com/p/BZUlokwHTH9/?taken-by=sheldonalexander

The Niners might be “the good” bad team this year.  They’ll lose games, but they’re frisky and hang around…and cover spreads.

Either way, that moves me to 2-1 on #TNF for the season and continues the hot streak.  I’ve bounced back from a rough start to the season with an 11-5 week 2 performance.  So let’s keep things going.


Ravens -3.5 over JAGS (In London)

The Ravens D is LEGIT and so next up is…Blake Bortles…I’ll take it.  Can’t lie, the extra half point has me nervous….but I’d need at least a TD if I were to bet on the Jags here.

Falcons -3 over LIONS

Matt Stafford has looked great this season, but I’m still not a believer until they beat someone better than the Cardinals or Giants.  Detroit native Draymond Green isn’t one to shy away from a great quote.  Warrior’s media day took place on Friday and Draymond was asked what he said to Kevin Durant after he found out about his “twitter-gate” saga.  Let’s just say Mr. Green didn’t disappoint

Never change Draymond….never change.

COLTS +1.5 over Browns

How can I possibly take the Browns as favourites against anybody?  Nope, not even against the Colts.  Serious question, when was the last time the Browns were ROAD FAVOURITES?!?!?! Also, interesting note: Hue Jackson is 2-22 as the head coach of the Cleveland Browns.  CLEEEEEEEVVVLANNNND THIS IS FOR YOOOOUUUUUUUUUU.  Side note, I’m so in on the Indians, so my tradition of writing about other Cleveland teams while betting against the Browns will continue for yet another season.

BILLS +3 over Broncos

Of course we all love home dogs and so I wanted to take the Bills here.  But for some reason, I can picture myself getting so upset on Sunday afternoon after being let down by Buffalo yet again.  I mean of course they’d let me down….it’s the Bills right?  So, based off of that look into the future and the fact the Broncos D dominated the Cowboys running game, I was gonna roll with Von and company.  And then I remembered this magical video….

How can I go against love…never change Bills Mafia.  Never Change

Texans +14 over PATS

Too many points.  Normally I just take the double digit points automatically, but in this case I have to take the Texans because I’m just not sure the Pats are as good as they looked last week.  Brady lit up the Saints in the first half, but the Texans should be able to slow down the Pats at least a little bit….or at least to cover two touchdowns.

Dolphins -6 over JETS

Under normal circumstances I’d take the Jets as home dogs in a divisional game.  But Jay Cutler looked solid in his debut against the Chargers…..and oh yeah….the Jets stink.  Maybe they should sign this High School kid Cameron Baker from Iowa.

Saints +5.5 over PANTHERS

Cam hasn’t looked good at all this season.  He’ll bust out eventually, but I just don’t think it will be this week against a division rival.  Also, I just can’t see the Saints going 0-3 and the Panthers going 3-0.  But that’s just me, so I’m taking the points.

Giants +6 over EAGLES

If the Giants go 0-3 they’re in BIG trouble in the NFC East and your boy Ben McAdoo might be out of a job.  Odell needs to do something soon because my fantasy team depends on it.  But while the city of New York searches for answers, one man may have already found the problem.  And his name is Don La Greca

Steelers -7 over BEARS

I think I’m going to fade the Bears for the next few weeks in my survivor pool.  At least until Money Mitch gets a chance.  And yes I just made up the nickname Money Mitch.

Bucs -2.5 over VIKINGS

Are the Bucs for real?  I’m not sure, but I’m interested to see their offence go up against that Vikings D.  Sam Bradford isn’t that good….but him being out forces me to go with the Bucs here.

Seahawks +3 over TITANS

I feel like I’m taking way too many road teams this week.  Something’s gotta give right?  How did the Seahawks almost lose to the Niners?  I’m giving the Seahawks one more week and on top of that…..I’ll fully believe in the Titans going forward if they put in work against the Legion of Boom.

Bengals +7.5 over PACKERS

The Packers are banged up and I love the extra half point the Bengals are getting as everyone begins to write the Andy Dalton obit pieces.  Hopefully their new offensive coordinator can figure out how to feed AJ Green the ball.

Chiefs -3 over CHARGERS

The Chargers move to LA hasn’t gone too well, as they have nothing even close to a home field advantage.  LA is and will always be only a Lakers town.  Speaking of the Lakers, Derek Fisher is on Dancing with the Stars.  To be honest, I question if Derek Fisher has any real friends, because honestly would you let one of your boys do this on national tv?

Raiders -3 over WASHINGTON

I’m taking the Raiders just because of Derek Carr’s performance in this commercial for the Educational Employees Credit Union

Cowboys -3 over CARDS

This public service announcement is brought to you by the good people at the #OnBlast Podcast:


You’ve been warned.

#HappyShmoneyDancing my friends


This week 1-0

Last week 11-5

This Season 16-16



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