The regular season is over.  Time to party right Giants fans?!?! Wait is that what the above picture is?  Maybe they needed to tap into Kyrie’s Boat Party Guest list.  Some of you will know what I’m talking about, others have no idea and some might be down right pissed…so lets just move on.  Normally I’m super excited for the playoffs, but the Raiders-Texans game has a stink to it.  Between that game and whatever chump (in this case Matt Moore) the Dolphins start in Pitt, can’t we just file a protest and fast forward to next week? Anyways, finished off the season slowly, but still ended with a 120-110-10 record on the year.  But with a new year, comes a fresh start in the playoffs, so lets try and make a new WAVE in 2017.

Raiders +3.5 over TEXANS

Connor Cook vs Brock Osweiler….FOOOOOTBALLLLLLL.  I can’t put money on Brock Osweiler under any circumstances because I know he sucks.  I have no idea who Connor Cook is, so I don’t know that he sucks…YET.  Mr. Cook will be the first ever QB in the Super Bowl era, to make his first career start in the playoffs.  So if you’re that much of a degenerate that you’re planning on placing money on this game….do yourself a favour and take the points.  But in the end…don’t do it…please don’t do it #DrizzyVoice.  But can we take a second to talk about my boy (yes I’m sarcastically referring to him as “my boy”) Micheal Crabtree for getting his chain snatched on NATIONAL TELEVISION.

There’s a line of disrespect and Aqib Talib tap danced all over it.  Now I fully understand that half the people watching don’t understand the level of disrespect going on here.  But to be honest, I’m not really here for you anyways.  But for the rest of you I’m not sure what Crabtree should have done, but you gotta do something.  For the name on the back of your jersey.  For your moms, your brothers and sisters, your boys watching at home.  Do something, even if you get a flag I’m sure your teammates would understand.  All you had to do was the Jalen Rose “Hold Me Back” fake fight move that the NBA has perfected so well.  I mean in a matter of years you’ve now had your chain snatched on national tv.  And had another man say this about you in a post game interview….#ColdWorld

SEAHAWKS -8 over Lions

The Lions are not good at football.  They were lucky to win so many close games, but showed their true colours on Sunday night against the Packers.  Everyone and their moms is betting against you AT HOME in a game to win your division and you lose LEGIT, to a division rival.  Just a sad performance.  And so I don’t see another scenario other than the Lions getting crushed.  Matt Stafford sitting back in the shotgun while fighting the noise of that Seattle crowd?  The Seahawks D should be good for 2 scores in this game.

Dolphins +10.5 over STEELERS

I always take the points on double digit spreads and the playoffs are no different.  Imagine hearing for an entire week about how you’re going to get crushed in the playoffs by a team that you’ve already beaten this season.  I know Big Ben got hurt in that game, but still he doesn’t equal a 10 point spread.  Also how much worse is Matt Moore than Ryan Tannehill?  Serious question, because I don’t think its that much of a drop off.  Not saying the Dolphins win the game, just saying that the’ll keep it close.  Especially if their pass rush can get to Big Ben.

Giants +4.5 over PACKERS

Is it weird that Eli Manning (2-0) has as many playoff wins in at Lambeau Field as Aaron Rodgers (2-2) does?  Not sure what that stat means, but I found it interesting and decided to share #SharingIsCaring.  But, this line sits nicely in the Bill Simmons “VEGAS ZONE”, meaning Vegas isn’t sure what’s going to happen either.   I think the Packers are overrated.  It was a great story for Aaron Rodgers calling his shot and running the table to get to the post season.  That makes this campaign a success for everyone in cheese head land.  BUT…are they really that good?  I don’t think so.  Do you know who is really good?  The Giants D.  I’m not sure Rodgers will be able to do his freestyle-playground offence, plus the Giants secondary is LEGIT…while the Packers receivers are not.  So as long as HORRIBLE Eli doesn’t show up, I’ll gladly take the points thanks to the Giants D.  Also I really enjoyed the week that was for the Giants receivers vs the media.  It was the perfect example of why some athletes don’t trust the press.  Take a look at this headline:

Now take a look at Mr. Gary Myers’ picture.  I’m sure that he is a great writer and all, but why on earth would I assume that he has any understanding of Odell Beckham Jr’s lifestyle and what he and the other Giants receivers should be able to do ON THEIR OWN FREE TIME.  How does going to Miami on their day off make them immature?….I’ll wait….Also why would you expect 36 year old Eli to be doing the same thing as 24 year old ODB…again…I’ll wait.

Seriously, this is the most blatant example of old white guys covering young black guys and having no understanding at all of the the world in which the other occupies.  Why would it matter that Eli is studying, while his WR’s are in Miami a FULL WEEK before their next game.  Assuming the squad got “Litty Again” in MIA, how long does Mr. Myers think it would take them to recover from a night of partying?  I would love to know what he thinks a night of partying consists of for ODB and the boys.  I would also love to know the last time Mr. Myers was “All The Way Up” in the club.  Honestly, I’d love to know the answer. Is it a good look for them to post their vacation pics for the world to see, probably not because of the old ass “gotcha media” waiting for them to make a mistake.  But it’s also 2017 and the generation younger than me lives by the “pics or it didn’t happen” culture.  But lets be honest here, there’s also a good ole serving of “Hater-ade” going on as well.  As if any of us (yes Mr. Myers too) given the opportunity of having a day off and the funds to fly to Miami to party (whatever that means to you), like  we would’t do it too…yeah….we’d all say no to that….riiiiiight.  Anyways it was fun to hear the media talk about Tims for a week and hey, I’m just glad Eli had fun with it.


SEASON 120-110-10

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