First thing’s first, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.  Hope you’re enjoying some time off and R.Kelly’s Christmas Album

Lots going on in the OnBlast World including the full 1 hour podcast available on Soundcloud

Anyways, Christmas albums and good eating aside.  The NFL season is coming to an end and I can’t believe how much time flies.  One more week of regular season picks and after a few slow weeks, I’m just trying to finish on a WAVE!!!

Ravens +2 over BENGALS

This could be the Steve Smith’s final NFL game.  Not only was he one of the best receivers of his generation but he was also without a doubt the best trash talker of his time. #IceUpSon

Can’t lie, there’s a lot of meaningless games this week.  So I’m not going to spend a lot of time here.

Panthers +6 over BUCS

COLTS -4.5 over Jags

VIKINGS -5.5 over Bears

I’m so confused by the Vikings.  What a weird season.  Teddy and AP go down.  Bradford looked like Brady for the first couple weeks.  They had the best D in the league, started 5-0 and then their offensive coordinator stepped down mid season.  Oh and then the story of their cornerbacks not listening to the coach’s plays and running their own freestyles in the secondary. It’s all just super odd.  But hey, at least their stadium looks cool.

JETS +3.5 over Bills

What a ride for Rex.  Not sure he had a defining moment during his 2 year run in Buffalo, but he went out in a way that perfectly summed up his time.  Not even being able to properly ice the kicker.  How can you mess that up?!?!

So long Rex, even though he seemed like the perfect match for #BillsMafia.  But sometimes life just isn’t fair.  The Jets meanwhile quit on the season weeks ago, but the Bills are starting EJ Manuel…so I’ll take the points.

STEELERS -6 over Browns

The Browns got their win, so last week was their Super Bowl. Now everything can go back to normal, where we only talk about the Cavs and Indians in this section of the picks post.  So….yeah a statement win for the Cavs on Xmas day and the Indians got Edwin.  I’m still to rattled, but we did talk about it on a previous episode of #OnBlast


But on the bright side of moral victories… Indians pitcher Tevor Bauer tweeted at me…




Cards -6.5 over RAMS

Texans +3 over TITANS

Cowboys +4.5 over EAGLES

The #Cowboys don’t care about this game, but I feel like they want Zeke to get as close as he can to the rookie rushing record.  And oh yeah…the Eagles stink.

Saints +7 FALCONS

Drew Brees keeps this game close and the Falcons don’t really need it.  Also check out our takes on one of my favourite shows of the year “Atlanta”


DOLPHINS +9.5 over Pats

Gotta take the points here, this game should be like week 2 of the pre season with all of the backups playing.

CHARGERS +5 over Chiefs

Don’t bet money on the NFL this week unless you know who the backups are for most of these teams.


This game reeks of Cousins BALLIN so he can inflate his stats for a big off season contract.  The Giants also don’t care because they’re locked into their playoff slot.  At this point I’m just taking the points everywhere.

NINERS +10 over Seahawks

One last week of taking the Niners against the spread each week #TeamKaep It’s been a sad, SAD season, but fitting that they’re also double digit dogs (another one of my rules)

BRONCOS -1 over Raiders

RIP to the Raiders season…it was fun while it lasted.

Packers -3 over LIONS

My only issue here is that NO ONE BELIEVES in the Lions at all.  It’s never a good sign when everyone is on the same side and I haven’t heard one person say the Lions will win this game.  But I just can’t see them winning either.  I’ll take Aaron Rodgers in this game every single time.


SEASON 111-103-10


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