So we’ve decided to put the full raw uncut 1 hour audio episodes on Soundcloud so download it (by clicking the arrow pointing down just below the Soundcloud logo/beside the share icon) and let us know what you think.  Lots of other stuff that never makes it into the video versions.  So take a listen, #TellYoFriends and tell us we suck in our mentions.

This episode includes:

00- TFC’S loss in the MLS Cup Final

11:45- BMO Field’s “fake” stands

16:40 – Why is Toronto such a bandwagon city

20:35 – TV Talk: Atlanta, Black Mirror, Kim’s Convenience, The Grand Tour, Pitch and bad network TV.
41:25 – LeBron James sportsperson of the year, Penny Oleksiak won the Lou Marsh award but who is the #OnBlast Athlete of the year?
50:05 – Jay Z reading his speech off his phone and WTF is wrong with Kanye
As always, just our thoughts.  Right or wrong, just how we’re feeling at the time.  Of course if you want to see video content
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