A few things to remember, most of the games are on Saturday with Christmas being on Sunday.  So that means one less day to get your picks in…SO LETS GET IT!!!

Giants -2.5 over EAGLES

It seems like the Giants are rounding into form for another potential playoff run.  Their D is playing a lot better and Eli just needs Beckham Jr to make one big play each week.  I don’t get how every opposing team knows what’s coming and yet they let Beckham beat them on a slant.  He’s so good and my fantasy team is better for it.  #MadeItToTheFinals

PANTHERS +4 over Falcons

Gotta take Killa Cam and company as the home dog here.  Carolina should play Atlanta tough in hopes of throwing a wrench in their division title hopes.  Close game for sure, so I’m taking the points.

Dolphins +3.5 over BILLS

This game might be to save Rex’s job, but 3.5 is too many points for Buffalo.  Also, this just smells like an 8-8 season for the Bills.  They’re currently 7-7 and play the Jets next week…so you do the math.

Vikings +7 over PACKERS

The Packers obviously play better at home, but I don’t trust them to beat anyone not named the Browns, Jags, Niners, Jets or Rams by more than 7 points.  Hopefully the Vikings D travels and Adrian Peterson gives us one more big game before the season ends.

Jets +16.5 over PATRIOTS

The Jets seemed to have quit on this season, unless their playing the Niners.  But my rule is to always take the points on double digit spreads and if I’m Brady and Belichick I’m not wasting time running up the score on the Jets.  Plus, YA BOI Bill Belichick has jokes all of a sudden.  Must be that Christmas cheer.

Chargers -6 over BROWNS

I feel bad for Phil Rivers.  The Chargers are 5-9, but they’ve been in most of their games. Hopefully this is the week when Mr. Rivers gets to take out a his frustrations.   Plus the Browns have to go 0-16, just to piss off the Cleveland radio host whose mad at Browns fans for trying to throw a parade if the team goes winless this season.

Titans -4.5 over JAGS

I just can’t take the Jags seriously.  Although, I do find it funny that they fired their coach and then had him fly home with the rest of the team.  NOW THAT…is how you run a professional organization.

BEARS +3.5 over Washington

The Bears aren’t good.  But I did NOT LIKE THAT on Monday night Mr Cousins.  Although, I had the Panthers to cover the points (which as cool), if Washington was actually serious about making the playoffs at all…then you can’t lose like that on MNF.

RAIDERS -4 over Colts

This could be a shootout, but I like the Raiders offence more and their line might just destroy Andrew Luck.

Seahawks -9 over CARDS

This is a rematch of the epic 6-6 tie on Sunday Night Football.  So why wouldn’t I take the points, well…to be honest, I just love the swag of the Seahawks right now.  They seem like the kind of team that’s gonna wanna kick the shit out of Zona just cause.  Plus, what other team does a DB get caught yelling at the head coach about the play calls ON OFFENCE

AND ALSO makes a point of doing THIS to QB’s who think they can just walk into the end zone in the NFL.

Bucs +3 over SAINTS

Gotta take the points here.  The Saints aren’t a good football team and they’re playing a pretty good Tampa Bay D.

Niners +3.5 over RAMS

Still taking the points and the Niners in support of Kaep.  And to be honest, there’s not much else to say about this crappy match up.  So instead lets just enjoy this video of everyone’s favourite Mom dancing once again at a Warriors game.

Bengals +2.5 over TEXANS

I will not watch this game and neither should you…lets just move on.  After re-living Pacman’s epic post game rant on Terrell Pryor of course

STEELERS -4.5 over Ravens

Hopefully business is BOOMIN’ for Antonio Brown and company on Christmas day.  These games are normally 3 point games, but I feel like the Steelers are just better…and Joe Flacco sucks…no…like really REALLY sucks

Broncos +4.5 over CHIEFS

Too many points for me to take Alex Smith in a prime time Christmas night game.  Also, I don’t want Aqib Talib to beat me up…

COWBOYS -7 over Lions

This is where the Lions get exposed as frauds.  Also, this ESPN Monday Night Football commercial is so FIRE

Last week, I rushed the picks and it showed.  So this week, gotta get back to the winning ways #IWANTWINNERS


SEASON 106-92-10


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