So here’s the thing, last week was a rough one.  I had dental surgery on Monday morning, then went to work was super busy all day.  The drugs from the surgery took a while to kick in and I was honestly in so much pain, I ended up taking Tuesday off.  I shouldn’t have went to work Wednesday, but did.  And then Thursday was our “Holiday Party” which was surprisingly really good.  Anyways my point here, is the surgery combined with falling behind with my work week meant #OnBlast took a back seat last week.  No podcast and no NFL picks or as I like to call it…I took a Bye Week…which is allowed, because I said so.  The downside to all of this is, THE PICKS WERE RED HOT!!!  I was 20-8-2 over my last two weeks of picks and it would have been great to keep the roll going, but hey…shit happens. So much went on last week and I was so drained, that I actually allowed myself to “plug out” from the sports world for the entire weekend, which rarely ever happens.  I barely even watched football last Sunday, but realized late Sunday night that my fantasy made a massive comeback to make the playoffs.  Lets just say, things are good right now…so lets try and continue the WAVE.

Raiders +3 over CHIEFS

Not exactly off to a good start this week.  But Alex Smith did enough to score more points than the Raiders did, which I didn’t think was possible.  What I learned from this game, don’t bet on David Carr in cold weather and I still don’t trust Alex Smith in the playoffs. On the bright side though:

Also, I didn’t think the Chiefs would also out swag the Raiders as well…yet here we are.

DOLPHINS +2.5 over Cards

Home dogs, I’ll take the points.  Especially with the Cards travelling.

Bears +8 over LIONS

No doubt the Lions are the better team, but all they’ve done all year long is play close games.  This smells like a backdoor cover for the Bears in a divisional game.

Bengals -5 over BROWNS

RG3 is back?!?!?! Is this why the line is so low?  I didn’t think it was possible for a Browns line to be less than a touchdown.  I guess Cleveland must be trying to salvage some pride, hoping to win at least one game this year.  I say, go big or go home….just lose, baby lose and enjoy the first pick in the draft.  Don’t be ashamed, just embrace it.  Plus, you still have the Cavs…at least they’re having fun right?

Broncos +1.5 TITANS

I’ll take the Broncos D to cover this line.

COLTS -4.5 over Texans

This is where Andrew Luck and Colts start to take hold of that crappy ass division.  #KeepGettinDemChequesBrock

Vikings -3 over JAGS

The Vikings D covers this spread on their own.  Blake Bortles leads the league in INTs and now has also thrown more pick 6’s (11) than his total career wins (10).  That is so sad on so many levels.

Steelers -2.5 over BILLS

Why are the Steelers only favoured by less than a FG?  Are they expecting a snow storm in Buffalo this Sunday, cause that’s the only reason why I would take the Bills and the points here.

PANTHERS -1.5 over Chargers

The Panthers play better at home.  Back from a road trip and Cam has full access to his tie collection again.  Also, lets be serious…last week was not Cam’s first dress code violation of the season right?

Washington -1 over EAGLES

Had trouble with this one…I would normally take the home dog here, but the Eagles have looked BRUTAL the last couple weeks.

NINERS (-1) over Jets

Wait the Niners are favoured against someone?!?!  I’m so confused…lets just move on.

Falcons -6 over RAMS

Jeff Fisher can’t even find his challenge flag…HOW DID HE GET AN EXTENSION.

Also, Atlanta has already takin one HUGE ‘L’ this week…#RIPDwight

BUCS -2.5 over Saints

Are the Bucs for real?  They could actually be making a playoff push and that’s crazy.  The only thing that worries me is Drew Brees, somehow, some way STAYS BALLIN’.  It doesn’t make sense to me that their offence is still this good.  Hopefully, the Bucs D can slow them down….at least a bit at home.

Seahawks -2.5 over PACKERS

I know Aaron Rodgers has looked a lot better the last couple weeks…but the Seahawks D is a different ball game. Plus, this is the time of year when Russ and company gear up for another playoff run.  This line seems too low to me.  Maybe they should get Marshawn Lynch to call the game, seems to have some experience

Cowboys -3.5 over GIANTS

The Cowboys finally failed to cover last Thursday night against a very tough Vikings D. You know who doesn’t have the Vikings D….The New York Football Giants.  The Cowboys, get back on the program of covering spreads (and yes winning games of course).  It sucks because I have ODB in fantasy and NEED Eli to throw him at least one TD before melting down…I don’t ask for much do I?

Ravens +7 over PATRIOTS

The Ravens D keeps it close, but Brady and company get the win.  I would take the Pats at 6.5…but at a full TD…I gotta take the points.

Again…after my personal Bye Week…just trying to keep the WAVE going for as long as possible.



WEEK 12: 10-4-2

SEASON: 91-78-9

Don’t forget to check out the #OnBlast video podcasts here, videos on DeMar DeRozan, Donald Trump, Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, Taylor Swift and Kanye West:




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