First things first, apologies for not getting the picks out until Sunday morning, but last week was CRAZY.  It was the first week of the Podcast being back and after recording and editing the entire episode, my computer decided it didn’t want to compute anymore.  The wheel of death kept spinning and didn’t stop for a full day.  So imagine finishing an entire edit, but not having the ability to do anything to it because your computer won’t even open up the program.  I spent Friday night after work at the Apple Store, but wasn’t able to get any help.  Then spent Saturday on my own trying to get it to work and was somehow able to salvage our conversation about DeMar DeRozan, but then computing once again became a problem for my computer.  So then I spent Sunday afternoon at the Apple Store yet again, but this time they were able to make my computer great again (see what I did there?).  Anyways if you click the “Live Show” link at the top of this page you’ll find videos on DeMar, Donald Trump, Edwin and Jose…with Taylor Swift and Drake to follow later on in the week.  Please let us know what you think, but for now…the picks are back and after a 10-4 week, hopefully I can keep the positive vibes going through the American Thanksgiving holiday.  Which really, we celebrate here in Canada as well because there’s not one…not two…but THREE GAMES ON THURSDAY!!!!

COWBOYS -6.5 over Washington

You can believe in Kirk Cousins if you want to, but I’m gonna ride this Cowboys WAVE for at least another week.  Dallas’ offense is too good and I just can’t see Cousins keeping up. Dallas is really REALLY good.  Well at least in this year’s version of the NFL in which most teams settle for check down offences.  But the Cowboys can actually run the ball which controls the clock and unlike so many other teams they can actually throw the ball deep.  Which gives them the ability to be unpredictable in a league that has become very basic on offense.

Plus, Washington played on Sunday night, meaning their game ended around midnight. Now they have to play 4 days later at 4:30 in the afternoon.  I’m sorry, but I don’t “Like That” Kirk Cousins.   Although, I do like your recent remixes to your post game celly. Sunday night, it was Cousins basically telling his GM he’s gonna have to pay him “racks on racks on racks” this off season.

And the week before, we saw Cousins channeling his inner “Young M.A.”  Although, he later admitted he had no idea what he was doing, but he had heard one of his teammates repeating it over and over again.

For those of you who might be like Kirk Cousins and have no idea who Young M.A. is, don’t worry…I’m here for you.  In fact, I was a little late on this too.  But more importantly, I urge you to take 5 minutes out of your day to watch this Young M.A. video…its something

If somehow Washington beats Dallas on Thanksgiving, Kirk Cousins will be like “These haters on my body, shake ’em off…OOOOOOUU”…then maybe Cousins can help Daniel Snyder out with his swag

Vikings +3 over LIONS

I don’t trust either of these teams, but this seems like it should be a FG game.  So, I’m taking the better defense and that my friends belongs to the Minnesota Vikings.  The other team from the Twin Cities that happens to be playing right now, has gotten off to a slow start.  But, when you do things like this in practice…the TWolves will always be one of my fave League Pass teams. #ZachLaVine

Steelers -9 over COLTS

No Andrew Luck…no chance…that’s what you got #MrMcMahonTheme

FALCONS -4 over Cards

Hoping the Falcons offense returns to form at home…but I don’t like it…in fact, lets just move on.

RAVENS -4 over Bengals

No AJ Green, means no Andy Dalton…which means…once again….NO CHANCE…THAT’S WHAT YOU GOT #MrMcMahonTheme  But if the Bengals need some extra players, maybe these guys can help

Jags +7.5 over BILLS

The extra half point just screams for a Blake Bortles backdoor cover.  Plus no Shady Mccoy for Buffalo.  I’m taking the points.

Titans -2.5 over BEARS

The Bears are crap and so the Titans only need to win by a FG?!?! I’m in.

SAINTS -7 over Rams

The Rams can’t score points…yes even though the Jared Goff era has begun.  Brees and the Saints ROLL.  Plus shout out to Jeff Fisher turning his swag off #Bruh

Giants -6.5 over BROWNS

I’m really not sure how good the Giants are, but I know the Browns are shit.  New rule, if the Browns aren’t even getting a TD…take the other team.  Even if Eli’s involved.

Chargers +1 over TEXANS

I missed having Phil Rivers as a part of my Sunday afternoon.  Its great to have you back and being favoured by less than a FG against your boy Brock…I’m in.

Niners +8 over Dolphins

Another reminder, I’ve been picking the Niners against the spread each week in support of Colin Kaepernick.  Shout out to the Niners for actually covering 14 points last week against the Pats.

Seahawks -6 over BUCS

Its that time of  year when Seattle starts gearing up for another playoff run.  Russ looked healthy-ish for the first time all season and even caught a TD pass from Doug Baldwin.  If you pay attention, you’ll hear ya boy Phil Simms say “Ahhh, I saw it coming…” after the play.  Which really makes no sense, because if you saw it coming its your job to tell us…the viewers….BEFORE THE PLAY HAPPENS.  That is literally your job.

RAIDERS -3 over Panthers

This line should be higher, especially with no Luke Kuechly who had the scariest concussion I’ve ever seen.  I don’t even wanna talk about it anymore

Patriots -7 over JETS

The Jets are going back to Ryan Fitzpatrick…that is all.

Chiefs +3.5 over BRONCOS

I think the Chiefs had a bad game last week and so this will be an ugly low scoring game. So I’ll take the points, especially the extra half point AND I’ll try to not watch a second of this game.

EAGLES -3 over Packers

This is rock bottom for the Packers.  Only thing left now is for Aaron Rodgers to fake an injury and spend the rest of the season at home chillin’ with Olivia Munn



SEASON 81-73-7



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