ON BLAST PODCAST S3 EP1 – DeMar DeRozan, King of the North (And Week 11 NFL FIX)


GUESS WHO’S BIZZACK!!!  The #OnBlast crew is back for another season of podcasts.   Season 3 begins with DeMar DeRozan off to the best start of his career.  Is this the next step in his evolution or just a hot streak?  Let us know what you think.

Also technical difficulties behind the scenes, has delayed the release of more podcast videos as well as the #OnBlast Week 11 #NFL Picks…but don’t worry I couldn’t leave my 20 readers hanging….here are the picks:

Saints +3.5 over PANTHERS

(As always Thursday picks can be found pregame on my Instagram page: sheldonalexander)

Bills +4.5 over BENGALS

Cards +2.5 over VIKINGS

GIANTS -6.5 over Bears

CHIEFS -7 over Bucs

COWBOYS -7 over Ravens

Titans +3 over COLTS

Steelers -9.5 over BROWNS

LIONS -6.5 over Jags

Dolphins -1 over RAMS

SEAHAWKS -6.5 over Eagles

NINERS + 14 over Patriots

(Still taking the Niners each week #TeamKaep)

WASHINGTON -3 over Packers

RAIDERS – 6 over Texans (in Mexico)



SEASON 72-69-7









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