Falcons -3.5 over BUCS

I’m weeks behind on the FX show “Atlanta” and I’m pretty sure that over that same span I got all of my Falcons picks wrong.  BUT I finally made a promise to myself that I will get caught up on the rest of the season this weekend and guess what….THE FALCONS SMASHED the Bucs.   Even when they made GREAT plays, the Bucs got smashed.  Poor Mike Evans

Cowboys -7 over BROWNS

The Cowboys are the best team in the NFC and the Browns are the worst team in the NFL.  So lets talk again about Cleveland’s other team.  That might have been the best game I’ve ever seen and it just happened to be GAME 7 OF THE WORLD SERIES.  I wish I was smart enough to properly put into words the roller coaster ride of emotions I had watching that game despite the fact my team wasn’t even involved.  Both franchises looking to end long droughts.  Heartbreaking mistakes, followed by epic moments of redemption.  Just think about how many guys went from possibly being labeled “World Series Goat” to “World Series Hero” in a matter of minutes.  Javier Baez, David Ross, Rajai Davis, Aroldis Chapman all at one point were about to wear a “Bartman” level of embarrassment only to redeem themselves in some fashion later on in the game.  Well everyone except Joe Maddon.  Often labeled a genius, I think Maddon might of out thought himself on more than one occasion.   There was no need to take out Kyle Hendricks (who was DEALING), for Jon Lester, especially when Maddon boasted the day before that he wouldn’t bring Lester in mid-inning.  Then there was the Baez bunt attempt with two strikes and of course letting Chapman throw 97 pitches in 3 days.  Again, your closer threw 97 pitches in 3 days. That’s just crazy.  It was a rough ride for Maddon to say the least, so it was a good thing his players bailed him out and ended the drought.  Part of me thinks it was actually the “Baseball Gods” that felt enough was enough and so that’s why it rained.  The Cubs got to regroup and the rest as they say, is history.  But what are the Cubs going to be known for now?  They’ve been “The Lovable Losers” forever, but now they’ve won.  I just don’t know where that leaves them.  But back to Cleveland for a sec.  I still couldn’t tell you how they dominated the Red Sox and Jays.  Then took the 103 win Cubs to the 10th inning of game 7 of the World Series.  All this without two of their best starting pitchers and Michael Brantley.   Yet they were so close.  So I get it, they blew a 3-1 lead and that sucks.  But lets stop it with the whole comparison to Golden State.  The Warriors won 73 games, the reigning back to back MVP got COOKED by Kyrie and while whipping his mouth piece at a fan during a temper tantrum.  One of their best players got suspended after KICKING MULTIPLE DUDES IN THE NUTS.  The Warriors crapped their pants, while the Indians ran out of gas AND STILL almost pulled it off.  But either way Cleveland fans can’t be that mad, because the Cavs Championship is still fresh….and I mean, you still have LeBron right…

and more importantly….JR.

Never change JR and never forget “The Henny is undefeated”

Lions +7 over VIKINGS

I have to take the points, solely based on Minnesota’s performance against the Bears.  Even though it’s funny to see how quickly people jumped off the Lions bandwagon after the week long “Is Matt Stafford the MVP” debate.   In the end there just seems to be too much turmoil surrounding the Vikings.  But hey, at least Minny fans have KG back in their lives right? #Area21 #CussButton

Eagles +3 over GIANTS

Debated this for a while, but even though the Eagles seem to struggle on the road I’m taking the points because I can’t trust Eli to dominate a game that he should dominate if he’s really a top tier NFL QB.  Plus, I always find it to be the safer bet to take the points in any NFC East showdown, unless the Cowboys (this year’s edition anyways) are involved.  Then at least you have to give it a little extra thought, because the Cowboys might actually be the best team in the entire NFC.   WOW…I can’t believe I actually just typed that those words….lets just move on.  While I can’t fully rep Eli…I will always rep New York’s own Shawn Carter, who is doing his part in helping people in the US to get out and vote.  I’ve always been a Jay Z fan, but sometimes its still super surreal to see the career arc.

Steelers +2.5 over RAVENS

This line is obviously dependent upon the status of Big Ben.  But to be honest, I’m still not buying the Ravens regardless of who is under center for Pittsburgh.

Jets +3.5 over DOLPHINS

I’m only taking the Jets because I’m getting the extra half point and I can’t take Miami to beat anyone by more than a FG.

CHIEFS -7.5 over Jags

Alex Smith isn’t playing, but Nick Foles might actually be better than Alex Smith anyways.  Also the Jags are a joke.  But maybe the best example of how fantasy sports is ruining Football, is the fact Blake Bortles is considered to be a “good fantasy QB” because he puts up great numbers in garbage time each and every week.

NINERS +4 over Saints

My rule stays in tact even after the bye week.  I’m rolling with my Niners against the spread every single week in support of Colin Kaepernick (1-6 so far this season).  So with the Niners coming off a bye week and the Saints on the road…I would probably be trying to talk myself into taking the points anyways.   But let me get a quick note off my chest, about San Francisco’s new favourite son…Mr. Kevin Durant.  First off Russ’ troll job was pretty funny and if you heard Thunder beat writer Royce Young on ESPN radio today, he explained what he heard was Russ’s real reasoning behind the outfit

“If you rewind it, Durant got to play photographer at the Super Bowl last year (in San Fran).  That Super Bowl was on Sunday and the night before on Saturday, the Thunder played the Warriors in Oakland.  As some people were led to believe, that’s where the Warriors recruitment process of Durant kind of started (On Super Bowl Sunday).  And this person believes, that’s really what Westbrook was digging at there “I know when they got to you, I know when they started talking to you and this was a nod to that”…Russell Westbrook is not the kind of guy that does anything by accident.”  – Royce Young on ESPN Radio 

Ok so, things didn’t go exactly how Russ and company were hoping.  But I think that was expected right?  No one actually thought the Thunder would win, but maybe at least Russ would try and score 81.  Well he didn’t do that either and in fact there were dudes getting major burn on the Thunder that I’ve never seen before in my life.  It was basically Russ bringing a knife to a gun fight.  But lets be serious, we were all there for the drama and it really looked like dudes were CHEESED.  Your boy Kanter was talking smack with the internet saying that he reportedly said to KD “How come you didn’t play like this in the playoffs last year?”.  No idea if that’s true or not, but something set Durant off cause he was still pissed off in the post game, calling out Kanter for playing only 3 minutes and probably running his mouth on twitter later on.  Again…the NBA is fantastic and so is the internet for this troll job of the Russell Westbrook Jordan commercial

Panthers – 3 over RAMS

I was on the Panthers last week, but not as much as I should have been.  By my math, I think the Cards are better than the Rams and I don’t think the Rams offence can keep up with Cam and company.  Plus, after all the noise Cam made last week about “not feeling safe” I expect him to get some extra calls in this game.  Hopefully Cam and co will go back to his happy self and dance a little.  Kind of like “Mr. Trump” and “Mrs. Clinton” at a Charlotte Hornets game

CHARGERS -4 over Titans

Much like the game directly above, I don’t think the Titans offence can keep up with the Chargers.  Also of note, I could very easily see both of these picks going against me and me frantically flipping the channel to the TFC game because I’m swearing off betting on the NFL…for the 483726th time.

Colts +7 over PACKERS

I have to take the points here, but I don’t like it.  I don’t like it at all.  Lets just hope the 1pm games go well for me so that I’m not relying on the late games to salvage an already embarrassing day.  Also, I don’t like the fact that Aaron Rodgers was selling out his teammates.  Not cool, the sports gods don’t like that.

RAIDERS +1 over Broncos

I’m only taking the Raiders a) because they’re at home and b) because their offence is better and has a lot more big play potential.  I can’t lie, I’m so nervous taking the Raiders…I just hope it doesn’t turn out like this dunk attempt.

SEAHAWKS -7 over Bills

At some point this season Russell Wilson has to have a breakout game and why not against the good ole Buffalo Bills.  I just see Buffalo’s offence folding under the pressure of Seattle’s crowd.  I know Russ is hurt, the line can’t block and they don’t have a running game.  But I still feel as if they have too many playmakers that at some point are going to…that’s right…make plays.  Also, Rex Ryan was at game 7 of the World Series.  He’s a Cubs fan, but left during the rain delay.  That might be the biggest C’Mon Man ever.

This week 1-0

Last week 6-6-1

Season 58-58-5



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