TITANS -3 over Jags 

As always, my Thursday night picks can be found sometime before kick off on my Instagram page (sheldonalexander).  This game was so bad that I struggled to come up with a Titans player that I would actually want to have pictured a top this post.  So I went with PK Subban, who was at the Titans game last week.  I could be wrong, but I feel like my dude is trying REALLY hard to be seen on SportsCenter…notice the “ER” for our friends south of the border.

Bengals  -3 over Washington (In London)

Back to back London games…this is all leading towards a team there right?  Not sure how it would work exactly, but I love the option of an early morning game to get your Sunday going.  Wait, I just realized I spent last Sunday night cursing myself for watching that terrible 6-6 Seahawks/Cards game after a full 15 hours of football…and yet, you’ve sucked me right back in NFL.

PANTHERS – 1 over Cards

Panthers coming off a bye week and they got to see the Cards offense score 6 points in an the aforementioned OT extravaganza.  Also if the Panthers have any hopes for the playoffs, they need to get it going…NOW.

Lions +3 over TEXANS

Under no circumstances will I take a team that has Brock Osweiler as its starting QB to cover a 3 point spread.  I’m sorry, I just can’t do it.

Chiefs -2.5 over COLTS

Poor Andrew Luck, somehow he has this team at 3-4 with that terrible excuse for an o-line.  The Colts were lucky to win last week because the Titans aren’t ready to win games that actual good teams win (ESPECIALLY AT HOME).  Meanwhile, the Chiefs run the ball and play D.  Simple, but effective.

Patriots -6 over BILLS

I know the Bills should be able to keep it close.  But they have 4 things working against them.  1) They lost in Miami last week . 2) Shady McCoy is banged up. 3) Brady and Belichick will be looking for revenge (lookin’ LOOKIN’) as Rex and his #BillsMafia crew were feeling a little to nice after beating up on Jacoby Brissett.   And the fourth and final reason why I can’t believe in the Bills…is because they’re…The…Buffalo…Bills.  And just like the Bills are gonna be the Bills…Gronk is gonna Gronk, both on and off the field

BROWNS +3 over Jets

The Browns gotta show up for this game.  Crappy teams always seem to sniff out potential wins and the Jets could be exactly that for Cleveland, so I’m taking the home dog here. Taking the Jets just seems WAY TOO EASY, and I never like doing that.  Also, your boy Ryan Fitzpatrick’s out here trying to get some sympathy because he feels as if his coach and GM stopped believing in him.  My dude, you threw 9 interceptions over a two week span AND KEPT YOUR JOB FOR TWO MORE WEEKS before they went to Geno.  Fitzpatrick should be happy he’s not on the practice roster.  But more importantly, the Indians won a World Series game on the same night the Cavs got their rings.  So maybe “The Wave” in “The Land” can continue through the weekend, right Bron?  #ClevelandAgainstTheWorld

Seahawks -2.5 over SAINTS

Russ is hobbled, but does he really need to move around that much against the Saints D? Also I can’t see Drew Brees balling out on the Seahawks D.  A unit by the way, that gave up 6 points last week, despite being on the field for more than 46 minutes…. 46 MINUTES.

Raiders +1 over BUCS

This is a game the Raiders win if Derek Carr and company are to be taken seriously.

Chargers  +4.5 over BRONCOS

This “Vegas Zone” line is interesting.  The Chargers won their last meeting, but that game was IN San Diego and was on a Thursday night.  I think the Broncos are just plain better…especially on D.  But there’s just something about Phil Rivers this year.  The offence just always seems to be on a long drive down the field headed towards the red zone.  For that reason alone, I’m taking the points.

FALCONS – 3 over Packers

Beating a Matt Barkley led Bears team did little to throw me off the Packers scent.  I don’t think they’re very good and I can’t see them winning a shootout against Julio Jones in the ATL.  Which reminds me, I have to get cause up on the show Atlanta….

COWBOYS -4 over Eagles

Dez is back, but if the Cowboys stick to the plan and feed Zeke, all should be good in Big D….until Romo makes his return.  You know its coming right? As for the Eagles, if they win this game their fan base will be LIT…even more than this guy. #TeamRuss

Although the Bleacher Report remix was pretty good considering Golden State’s opening night blowout

Vikings -4.5 over BEARS

Why do the Bears have so many prime time games?  Am I missing something here? Also, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer called his team “soft” which can go one of two ways.  But they’re playing the Bears, so expect a bounce back game from Minny.  Speaking of Minny, TWolves LEGEND Kevin Garnett retired before the start of this NBA season.  While I’m not quite ready to deal with an NBA season without Kobe, Tim Duncan or KG, it was great to hear the Garnett will be joining the TNT NBA crew.  I mean is it even possible for the TNT crew to get any better?  We’ll see next week, but they seemed to get off to a great start last night.

After back to back 6-9 weeks, I NEED WINNERS (or I’ll at least settle for getting back to being over .500).  So to end this week’s post, I’m gonna pour out a little liquor for Vine…with one of my all time favs #HappyShmoneyDancing this Sunday

Although I can’t lie…I stumbled upon this one yesterday while following the #RIPVine hashtag and its quickly growing on me. #BeautifulMorning

This Week 1-0

Last Week 6-9

Season 52-52-4


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