PACKERS -7.5 over Bears

As always, you can find my Thursday night picks on Instagram (sheldonalexander) prior to game time.  The Packers didn’t look great, but they were good enough to cover against the lowly Bears.  I thought it would be the classic Aaron Rodgers “R-E-L-A-X” game and instead it turned out to be the official “P-A-N-I-C” game, as the Packers cover was in doubt until Brian Hoyer was replaced by Matt Barkley at QB.  Take a second and read that one again.  Shouts to Jay Cutler.   Also shout out to White Sox fan and Charlotte Hornets Forward Frank Kaminsky for his very strong troll game.

Giants -3 over Rams (In London)

I was already on board with these London games and now finally there’s two good (or at least decent) teams playing against each other.  Odell is on fire with 3 TD’s in the last 2 games after 0 in his first 4.  Hopefully he puts on a show for the London fans, minus the stupid net.  Give it up already, it was only funny after you hit yourself in the face…everything after that was just lame.  Maybe ODB can learn some dance moves from Hillary Clinton and your boy Ken Bone…thanks Ellen.

Ravens +2 over JETS

It’s officially Geno time in New York.  Which means its time for me to start fading the Jets each and every week.  Just a reminder, Geno hasn’t played since he got punched in the face by a teammate over money.  Yeah, I’m not betting on the Jets.

Bills -3 over DOLPHINS

The Dolphins shocked the world last week and eliminated 75% of all survivor pool entries (including my own). They’ll get back to reality by disappointing at home against #BillsMafia

Browns +10 over BENGALS

I’m sticking to my rule of taking the points every single time there’s a double digit spread (2-2 so far this season).  So anyways, despite the Browns sucking the Cleveland WAVE continues with the Indians advancing to the World Series.  I went to games 4 and 5 in Toronto and I’m still not over the fact that I may have witnessed Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion’s final game in a Jays jersey.  I’ll say this much, I don’t think I’ve ever heard the dome as loud (save for the bat flip) as it was in the bottom of the ninth when Jose ripped a double into left field.  Listen, I get that players get old.  I understand the need for budgets, planning for the future and all of the other reasons why it makes sense to let one, if not both go.  Trust me, I get it.  But there’s nothing in Toronto sports I’ve enjoyed watching more over the past decade than Joey Bats pimping home runs.  In fact its not even close.  He put in WORK here.  He went from a fringe major leaguer to one of the most feared power hitters in the game.  We got to see it all, as he crushed home runs, in a terrible line up and in front of MAD empty seats at the the dome.  But the thing is, unlike Carlos Delgado and unlike Roy Halladay, Jose was around long enough for some help to finally arrive.  And when it did, he put in work on a whole new level… WHEN IT MATTERED THE MOST.  Yes he talked a lot of shit and yes he struggled for most of the year.  But that chip on his shoulder is both a gift and a curse.  It’s what makes him who he is his.  And that’s the man that was front and center in rejuvenating a city and a fan base that had little to cheer about for 2 plus decades.  For a generation of kids, Jose will be their Joe Carter and more importantly the reason why they fall in love with the game.  No he didn’t bring the city a World Series, but he helped bring back the dream of having a chance.  It sucked as a Jays fan watching Delgado and Halladay have playoff success elsewhere and that’s why it was so rewarding to not only see Jose get that chance, but to also see him deliver, here in the city known more for the blue and white on the ice than the on the diamond.  And for that, I will always rep Jose Bautista….and oh yeah, for this too:

Washington +1.5 over LIONS

Two crappy teams, I’m taking the points.

Vikings -3 over EAGLES

Rookie QB against one of the best defenses in the league.  I’ll take Minny

TITANS -2.5 over Colts

I’m gonna be honest, I can’t allow myself to take the Colts for at least the next 2 weeks after watching them blow that Texans game.  Side note, how bad is the AFC South?  All of these games should be blacked out from the TV schedule.

CHIEFS -6.5 over Saints

The Saints aren’t that good and are in fact even worse on the road.  The Chiefs meanwhile, are sneaky good overall, BUT REALLY GOOD at home.

Raiders +1.5 over JAGS

I think the Raiders can win outright and so I’m taking the points.

FALCONS -6.5 over Chargers

The Falcons have earned my respect with back to back solid performances in Denver and Seattle.  I’m all in on ATL at least for one week…#FalconsRoll

NINERS +2 over Bucs

Kaep didn’t look great, in fact he didn’t look  good at all if we’re being honest.  But at the end of the day, he looked better than Blaine Gabbert.  So there’s always that, right Chip?  Anyways, another reminder I’m taking the Niners against the spread for the entire season (1-5 record so far #TeamKaep).  Speaking of San Fran, the KD-Golden State hype machine is in full force.  It’s just like the Heat, except LeBron is on the other side of the hype/hate. For me personally, I’m still not down with the move to GState, but what I really wanna know is what’s with this Rolling Stone cover?  Why wasn’t Draymond in his ear to tell him to put on a shirt.  Where was Steph….actually, after those Steph Curry lows…Steph can keep his fashion advice to himself.  But all I’m saying is, my boys would tell me this isn’t a good look.  Why? Because they’re “Real Friends”…there’s not many of us…#YeezyVoice

Patriots -7 over STEELERS

No Big Ben, should mean a big win for the Pats.  BUT, this also reeks of the game where Belichick just shows them enough to win…without giving away too many of his tricks before the potential playoff match up.  Belichick stays trolling the league, while this young Boston fan gets Joakim Noah pretty good.

Seahawks +1.5 over CARDINALS

Russell is struggling, but I have to take the points here.  I think the Seahawks are just plain better than their NFC West rivals.

BRONCOS -6.5 over Texans

Brock on the road in Denver?  No thanks and that’s even with Trevor Siemian proving himself to be a great check down QB.  I want no part of the $18 Million dollar man, especially since the Colts lost that pathetic excuse of a Sunday night game.  Brock didn’t win it…Andrew Luck and the Colts, lost it.

Survivor Picks:

Week 1: Seahawks, Chiefs

Week 2: Panthers, Broncos

Week 3: Cowboys, Bucs 

Week 4: Bengals

Week 5: Patriots

Week 6: Steelers (I’M DONE) 

This Week 1-0

Last Week 6-9

Season 46-43-4


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