NFL: AFC Championship-New England Patriots at Denver Broncos


Broncos -3 over CHARGERS

I know the play is to take the home dog on Thursday nights, but this week I can’t do it. Trevor Siemian is expected to play against the Chargers although it doesn’t really matter in the end, because this game will undoubtedly come down to Phillip Rivers leading a two minute drill to tie or win the game.  Why? Because every Chargers game ends with Phillip Rivers leading a 2 minute drill to tie or win the game.  Poor guy.

GIANTS -3 over Ravens

I can’t lie, I’m just waiting on the Eli/ODB breakout game.  It’s coming and I just wanna be on the right side of things when it happens.  But while we wait for Eli to step up his game on the gridiron, here’s Eli and Peyton showing off their skills (or lack there of) on the hardwood.

Panthers -2.5 over SAINTS

It appears Cam Newton is on his way back just in time to face the Saints terrible defense. While everyone is freaking out about concussion protocol, here’s Cam riding around the city on a scooter.

I don’t think he’s too worried….so neither am I.

PATRIOTS -9 over Bengals

Can’t lie, riding with angry Tom Brady on every line that’s less than 10 points.  Especially when Tommy is pulling off moves like this:

TITANS -6.5 over Browns

Charlie Whitehurst actually played for the Browns last week…that is all.

Jags +2.5 over BEARS

Jay Cutler is about to lose his job to Brian Hoyer #NuffSaid

Rams +3.5 over LIONS

Last week I watched the Rams late in the 4th quarter down by a touchdown, decide to kick a field goal from inside the 5 yard line.  They then followed that up by going for a fake punt….on 4th and 6 FROM THEIR OWN 20. Read that one over again, but know I’m only taking the points because the Lions shouldn’t be favored to beat anyone by more than a FG.

Eagles -2.5 over WASHINGTON

I think the Eagles are the better team, plain and simple.  Also, Wentz even as a rookie is less likely to make mistakes than your boy Kirk Cousins.

Steelers -7.5 over DOLPHINS

Anytime I can take the Steelers against a bad team by less than double digits…I’m in, no questions asked.

Niners +9 over BILLS

Yet another reminder, I’m taking the Niners against the spread each and every single week in support of #TeamKaep (1-4 this season ATS).  After restructuring his contract, Kaep returns to his starting QB role.  I don’t think this will lead to many wins, but I just can’t watch Blaine Gabbert anymore.  Much like how I’m guessing Russell Westbrook just can’t bare to hear the name Kevin Durant, ever since he decided to head to sunny San Francisco.

RAIDERS +1 over Chiefs

The Oakland Raiders are fun.  Derek Carr is good.  The Kansas City Chiefs are boring.  Alex Smith is not good.  In fact Alex Smith is probably the kind of dude that’s into “Nerd Core Hip Hop”.  Not sure what that is?  I’ll let Mr. Trebek explain:

SEAHAWKS -6 over Falcons

The Seahawks at home, coming off a bye?  I like it.  Now the Falcons are legit, they proved a lot going into Denver and winning.  But winning in Seattle is a whole different ball game. Either way, the Falcons are on the come up….also if you’re not watching the show “Atlanta” on FX, then you should be.  I stumbled upon it and had no idea what it was….and then became hooked.  The show is innovative, funny, smart, creative and crazy all in one.  I guess it’s a “Drama-dy” but I don’t even think it should have a genre because nothing else compares to it.  Get past whatever your thoughts are about Donald Glover and give it a chance.   Trust me.

Cowboys +4 over PACKERS

Adam Schefter reported the Bengals had watched Dak Prescott’s regular season game tapes and they didn’t see him throw a bad pass.  Obviously this story is exaggerated, but the point is clear.  Dak Prescott is legit.  Add that to Zeke Elliott behind the best O-line in football and then remind yourself that Dez hasn’t played in 2 weeks.  What I’m trying to say here is….TAKE THE POINTS.

Colts +3.5 over TEXANS

This game sucks, so I’m taking the points.  I see myself desperately rooting for a Andrew Luck backdoor cover.

Jets +7.5 over CARDS

Too many points, but again I can so see myself desperately rooting for a Ryan Fitzpatrick backdoor cover.  Another New York team that I’ll be rooting for this season is the Knicks…but not nearly as much as Stephen A Smith is rooting for Carmelo Anthony

Survivor Picks:

Week 1: Seahawks, Chiefs

Week 2: Panthers, Broncos

Week 3: Cowboys, Bucs 

Week 4: Bengals

Week 5: Patriots

Week 6: Steelers


LAST WEEK: 8-5-1

SEASON: 39-34-4


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