PATRIOTS +1.5 over Texans

So my only goal with doing this is to win more than I lose. I went 8-8 last week and the only thing I’m kind of mad about is the fact I changed my pick from the Pats -6.5, to Dolphins +6.5 at the last second. Two lessons here. Always trust your gut and always ride with Belichick until proven otherwise. Even if his starting QB is some dude named Jacoby Brissett.

Cards – 4.5 over BILLS

VEGAS ZONE!!!! Can’t lie, this line kind of worries me. For those unfamiliar with the “Vegas Zone” concept, its basically when Vegas is somewhat unsure what to do so the line is set to be more than a FG, but less than a TD. Then the public money rolls in and the line moves accordingly. So in theory, the Bills at home could win this game out right and eliminate 100’s of people in Survivor Pools everywhere. But here’s the thing, I’m at the point with Rex where I’m using my Belichick theory…except the exact opposite. I’m riding AGAINST Rex until proven otherwise.

JAGS +1 over Ravens

The Ravens are 2-0, but they’ve beaten the Bills and Browns…and they BARELY beat them both. The Jags meanwhile were embarrassed last week by San Diego, but they need to bounce back and win this game or else they’ll fall 3 games back in the division. The Jags should be desperate, key word being should.

Browns +10 over DOLPHINS

For the 15th year in a row, your Cleveland Browns have had multiple starting QBs during the regular season. So of course its week 3 and Cody Kessler is expected to be their 3rd starting QB of the season. Yes that’s an amazing stat, but should the Dolphins be favoured by double digits against anyone? This is an obvious case where I’m sticking to my rule of ALWAYS TAKING THE POINTS when dealin with double digit spreads (1-1 so far this season)

Broncos +3.5 over BENGALS

Gotta take the points here. Trevor Siemian looks good so far this season. He’s more than competent and really that’s all you need to be with that Denver defence. This will be a close game, but in the end Andy Dalton will have to say hello to Von Miller and no QB wants to do that.  Maybe Andy can ask Andrew Luck if he needs any suggestions on how to run for your life for an entire game.

PACKERS -7 over Lions

The Packers need a “Packers” type game where their offence just rolls over the opponent. Rodgers and company showed flashes during the 2nd half against the Vikings, but overall through two weeks they still don’t seem to be totally in sync. This is where the Lions come in….Lions gonna Lion. I’ve never seen a team have 3 TD’s called back like that. Just pathetic.

Vikings +7 over PANTHERS

Despite the scoreline, at times the Panthers offence struggled against the Niners. It was a very weird game. I think the Panthers will struggle to run the ball against the Vikings D. Also the Panthers starting running back’s name is Fozzi Whittaker. Do whatever you’d like with that information.

Raiders +2 over TITANS

The Titans look good, but it was against the Lions. So I’m not ready to take them as favourites against anyone yet. Plus, I don’t think the Raiders are as good as they played in week one, but they’re also not as bad they played in week 2. And that happy medium puts them in a close game against the Titans #WhenInDoubtTakeThePoints

GIANTS -4.5 over Washington

ODB vs Norman, the rematch. Maybe the best rivalry in football today, just hopefully someone tells Jay Guden. Anyways, I’ve been disappointed with Josh Norman’s overall performance so far, especially after he had such a massive off season in which he was bestowed with such huge responsibilities. Oh wait, you thought I was talking about his new contract? Nope, I was meant the Jay Z cosign he got on DJ Khaled’s “I Got The Keys”

“One on One with the corner, with no safety help. I perform like Josh Norman, I ain’t normal n*****” 

You can’t just disappoint Hova Da God like that. Its just not a thing. Go back through the tapes (or I guess Apple Music playlists for the kids) and look at all the athlete shootouts from Jay. That honour deserves respect. This is old, but still kind of cool to look back at some of Jay’s best sports references.


BUCS -6 over Rams

The Bucs let everyone down last week. Everyone was so ready to hop on board the Jameis train only to be letdown in embarrassing fashion with a 40-7 loss. With that said, I’m looking for the Bucs bounce back.  Mostly because I still don’t think the Rams are good and they’ve scored a total of 9 points in two weeks.  First to double digit points wins and I’m not ready to hop off the Jameis train just yet.

Niners +9.5 over SEAHAWKS

Another reminder, I’m taking the Niners against the spread every week for the entire season (1-1 so far #TeamKaep). But I would be taking the Niners this week anyways. The Seahawks offence hasn’t shown anything to prove they should be favoured by 9.5 against anyone. Also the Niners could be that frisky team this year. The team that’s not really good, but they’re always hanging around for back door covers. Side note, I didn’t mean for that to come off as such a backhanded compliment becasue I’m actually a Niners fan…but yet, here we are. #GoNiners

Jets +3 over CHIEFS

Im not ready to answer the question of whether or not the Jets are actually good. But anytime I get to bet against Alex Smith, I’m usually down. Sometimes, its as simple as “When in doubt, take the points”

Steelers -4 over EAGLES

This is the show me game for Carson Wentz and the Eagles. But I think Pittsburgh is above their weight class. #SteelersRoll

COLTS -3 over Chargers

Poor Andrew Luck. He didn’t stand a chance last week. BUT, the few times he did actually get a chance throw the ball…good things happened. The Chargers are just plain weird. No idea what to make of them yet.

COWBOYS -7 over Bears

Is there anything that unites NFL fans more than watching Jay Cutler shit the bed on national television? Anyways, if you were tired of the Dak love after week two, I feel sorry for you cause its about to be ON A NEW LEVEL (#AsapFergVoice) following the destruction of Da Bears.

Falcons +3 over SAINTS

The Saints getting points is not a life that I’m about. So again, when in doubt….TAKE THE POINTS.

Survivor Picks:

Week 1: Seahawks, Chiefs
Week 2: Panthers, Broncos
Week 3: Cowboys, Bucs

SEASON 17-14-2


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