2015 Name Of The Year Bracket: Is this Mussolini Africano’s year?

One of my most favourite things in the world is ridiculous names. I have no reason to hold such a powerful affinity for such a thing, yet here we are.

Lucky for me, the heroes at http://www.NameOfTheYear.com have compiled their list of 2015’s greatest REAL names, and I don’t think I’ll ever recover. Feast thine eyes upon it:


I feel like I need to reiterate that these names are 100% real; actual government-recognized handles of human citizens of this world. They breath air like you and I, and require nourishment (in the form of food and water) to survive. They are out there, and I hope to meet every single one of them some day.

Now, as I began to fill out my bracket, I realized that I could not live with myself if I, say, knocked out Flavious Coffee (criminally under-seeded at #12) in favour of the mildly superior Erhard Thumfart. In my eyes, they’re all perfect and I hope they live long and fruitful lives.

I hope Dr. Wallop Promthong, Dr. Data Longjohn and Dr. Electron Kebebew all have successful medial practices. I pray that Rev. Pierbattista Pizzaballa has a loyal flock. I want Tunis Van Peenen (!!) to get a raise. Nothing would please me more than for Handsome Monica to believe the hype, or for Manmeet Colon to…umm…actually, he should really change his name.



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