Two legends, one court. U n r e a l @trainheroic #trainheroic #tombrady #mj #bahamas #stillcantbelievethishappened #legends

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Michael Jordan and Tom Brady playing pick up basketball might just be my favourite thing EVER!!!  First off, did we know these two legends were friends?  Is this a thing that’s been going on for a while?  Are they a part of some G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) “Stonecutters” type club?  Why is Brady signed to Uggs and not Team Jordan?  I just have so many questions about this entire thing.  But one thing that doesn’t need to be answered, is that MJ is still a BAWSE.  Still hitting fadeaway jumpers and still talking trash to defenders regardless of the arena.

“Hey man, do you guys still have YouTube? You better put on Michael Jordan for real”

– MJ Da God

This is so Dope on so many different levels.  I love that MJ and Brady are on the same team by the way.  Plus, Tom Brady’s jumper is WET!!! Who knew?!?!

Tom & MJ showing 'em what's up earlier today in Baker's Bay @trainheroic #tombrady #michaeljordan #bahamas #trainheroic

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Seriously though, Tom Brady has game?  What can’t this man do?  Is there another pair of legends that could team up and beat these guys?  Because that’s a reality show I would watch.  Someone at HBO or something needs to get on this ASAP.  Again this just might be my favourite thing EVER… (Did I say that already?).  Honestly, the only thing that could make this story better, would be if it was a 3-on-3 game and Jay Z was the 3rd member of team GOAT. Anyways…if you need me, I’ll be doing a deep dive on “insta” trying to find out more about this Michael Jordan/Tom Brady “God Level” of bromance.



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