I can’t lie. By the time the series finale of Entourage came around, I was ready for this show to end.  After 8 seasons, it became repetitive and very predictable (and there was waaaaay too much ‘E’).

But at the same time, the sight of the crew being back together got me excited.  I miss the Johnny Drama/Turtle dynamic.  I miss Ari and Mrs. Ari. And who are we kidding, no other show has done a better job of creating the modern male fantasy lifestyle, filled with fun, friends and females.  Add to that a bevy of superstar guest appearances like Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Ronda Rousey (is Turtle actually gonna get in?), Warren Buffett and Pharrell’s Hat just to name a few.  Side note, I just realized that I have yet to mention the main character’s name.  But really, other than who he was sleeping with, was Vince really ever that interesting?

Anyways, part of me feels as if this movie will be a let down.  But at the end of the day anytime this Entourage comes back, I will definitely give them an hour and a half of my time.

As always, just my thoughts.  Right or wrong, just what I’m feeling at the time.


Are you excited for the Entourage movie? Who is your favourite character?  Let us know what you think.


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