What’s up all! We’ve got a fresh 2015 edition of #FadeAwayFridays in a full, un-edited audio podcast recorded Wednesday March 18. We talkin’ everything from Toronto sports, stadium food, a little music, vacation etiquette, and more.

:00 – Greg getting Hurt
4:25 – Are we worried about the Raptors?
6:40 – Eating sushi at Leafs games/stadium food
12:30 – The Blame Game: Leafs Edition
20:40 – Jays life without Marcus Stroman/Playoff expectations
26:11 – Raptors playoff expectations
40:00 – Is Drake’s “6Man like Lou Will” song tampering?
45:45 – NBA All Star Weekend
47:30 – Why do Black dudes wear socks/shoes on the beach?
51:15 – Seeing NBA players in Cabo
1:00:00 – NFL players retiring early/would you let your kids play football
1:25:18 – Music talk

We were not in full stride though, as one of our members SK8BRD-G was unavailable to join us, but he’ll be back soon enough! Heal up G!

Greg Breaking Himself (1)

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