Sun News Is Dead. Death Isn’t Always Sad.

Pictured: Unemployed Asshole

Pictured: Unemployed Asshole

After an on-air run that lasted less time ABC’s superhero drama Heroes (or my latest BM), The Sun News Network has mercifully gone off the air.

Interestingly non-disparagingly self-referenced as “Fox News North”, Sun News was launched in 2011 to give Canadians an alternative in their national news offering. The Canadian news media landscape was deemed ripe for the desire to hear the other side of the story. Unfortunately that “other side of the story” was less about reasonable conservative points of view, and more about making Canadians in ‘fly-over provinces’ scared of brown people and calling David Suzuki a fag-commie.

Reasonable Canadians were worried when the (quote-unquote) “news offering” was first announced. What if it was successful? What would that mean?

Canadians are always quick to point south to ridicule those in America that watch Fox News and think a news program should be four-parts entertainment with a dollop of fear mongering and a dash of graphics. If successful, Sun News would demonstrate that we are no better than those who get their news from Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck or {enter bobblehead hottie/bloated white man}.

Not Pictured: Walter Cronkite

Not Pictured: Walter Cronkite

Luckily that didn’t happen, and over 200 terrible people whose jobs were to misinform and spread hate are now currently applying for government services; instituted to offer financial aid to those going through a rough patch.

Some will say that there are still good people that lost their jobs. Honest, hardworking, maybe young. People that didn’t tow the company line in their off hours, but were just looking for some media experience. Or just a paycheck.

Fuck that. From the on-air “talent” to the producers to the interns; they were all part of something that was hateful at best, racist at worst, and their programming deliberately made their viewers dumber and more separate from our society’s more reasonable citizens– both liberal and conservative.

So, Sun News is dead. Its bowels have finally evacuated from a less than familiar orifice.

Where do we go from here? I would prefer to celebrate by bathing in the schadenfreude that is the endless stream of hardcore conservatives that PISS AND MOAN when the market has spoken. (The market’s words: “You suck. You failed. Go away.”)

The CRTC didn’t end them. Only an idiot would accept that. It’s DELICIOUSLY ironic that these jagoffs cry foul when they lose the hand, condemning the table as it leaned away from them. A table that is constructed on the very Keynesian market concept that they held so dear.

No thanks, Ezra. May The Sun News Network be buried ass-up in an electric car with a Koran in the glove box.


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