I know motorsports isn’t for everyone. Say what you want – drivers aren’t athletes, they’re just driving cars, etc. etc. etc… This is no way a ploy to convert you sports fans in to race fans – not at all. But if you are a sports fan, and appreciate a season-long fought contest that all comes down to one event, please listen up – cuz shits about to go down.

This coming Sunday marks the last race of the 2014 Formula One season – the Abu-Dhabi Grand Prix. There are two drivers eligible to win the drivers championship*: Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. Both drive for Mercedes-AMG, both were team-mates in early years as go-kart racers, both were team-mates in  the F1 sub series GP2, and now after a few years in F1 they are team-mates again for the iconic German automaker. They were life-long friends, and now it seems that they hate each others guts.

( * funny enough, the main championship in F1 is the “Constructor’s Championship”. That’s what pays out the close to 1 billion dollars in prize money, where the driver’s championship doesn’t pay out anything. It’s more for the marketing of the sport – so fans can get behind individual drivers vs. a brand. Also, Mercedes-AMG locked up the constructor’s championship weeks ago – so they’re straight – laughing all the way to the bank.. and letting their two race drivers to go for it in the last race for their own ‘meaningless’ championship.)

Lewis and Nico running game as kids

Lewis and Nico running game as kids

... and as GP2 racers

… and as GP2 racers

….and the hate (skip to 2:38)

…followed by Nico’s politically correct rebuttal, and point of view on their relationship (skip to 2:34, play for about a minute)

Shout out to the Canadian GP by the way, the time frame where both of these interviews were captured.

SO – Here’s the details – Lewis has a slim 17 point lead over Nico. Due to recent rule changes in F1, now the season finale at Abu-Dhabi will award drivers ‘double-points’ compared to all the other races this season. So normally, a race winner would get 25 points, but now they’ll get 50. Not sure how much this will play a role in the duel between Lewis in Nico, but it’s something to keep in mind during the race on Sunday.

AND – Lewis and Nico are the only two drivers mathematically eligible to win the drivers championship, they have the two fastest cars on the grid, their team have already won the meaningful championship, Lewis is one of the fastest one-lap drivers in history since Ayrton Senna, and Nico has the patience of a dude in the friend zone like level 10. Safe to say, this may be one of the best Formula One battles we’ve seen in decades.

THE TRACK: Here’s an on-board qualifying lap from last year’s event (R. Grosjean, LOTUS).. shout out to 309 km/h on the back straight doe…


Lewis won the 2008 Formula One championship in the craziest possible way, last lap, last turn, of the last race. It was quite the experience to watch live… (feel free to skip ahead a bit as it shows the last 3 or 4 laps, but if you watch all of it, you’ll understand the tension… and of course the Ferrari team celebrating pre-maturely)

I wonder if this weekend will bring more of the same. GO LEWISSSS!!!


PS – forgot to load this classic (incredibly hipster) pic of young Lewis and Nico… _77148656_bo5nu4ciiaacluk

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