Pusha T and Kanye West have done it again.  “On paper” this beat and King Push shouldn’t really work and yet the track is straight FIRE.  But that’s why Kanye West is Kanye West, his musical genius is so far beyond the rest of the game.  And that’s why he is by far hip hop’s foremost trendsetter.  He thinks of things that others don’t deem possible.  While Eminem sets the internet on fire with his same old tricks: (https://onblastpodcast.wordpress.com/2014/11/12/eminem-pokes-fun-at-ray-rice-situationdomestic-violence-people-surprised-for-some-reason/) Kayne continues to raise the bar, while changing the restrictions that are placed on the genre of rap music. People like Kanye West are needed in all walks of life, to challenge the norm, to challenge the traditional way of thinking.  Without it, things would remain stagnant and eventually die.  Think of most things that you see on HBO/Showtime…and compare that to everything on say, NBC.


I mean, how do you even begin to describe this Lunch Money beat?  I think it has that “laser quest” type sound we were blessed with on Yeezus’ “On Sight”, mixed with some Sega Genesis sounding samples.  By the time the beat flips to a more soulful sounding feel near the end of the track, I’m already completely lost in Kanye’s musical wonderland.

“If the crown ain’t mine, tell me who am I behind”

And then there’s King Push.  I’m honestly wondering if there’s a better duo right now in the game.  One might think linking up with Kanye West would stifle your career.  Yet, Ye has taken Push to a whole other level.  I would love to be a fly on the wall for their studio sessions.  I can just picture Kanye convincing Push to give this new beat a try.  Push may hesitate, but eventually trusts Kanye, who he knows just wants to provide the dopest, most innovative beats possible…and in the end wants to let Pusha T…be Pusha T.  I think Kanye described this perfectly in his BBC interview last year.

Kayne is amazing and all he wants to do is let Push COOK.  With that said, I’m still always amazed by the ease in which Pusha T can make the grimiest shit sound so “mainstream”.

“America is still abusing us and 9/11 is the Ku Klux.  So why wouldn’t I fire back, when everyday them n****s shooting us.  True enough, I’m outta line.  You better stand for something before you outta time.  This is crime by design, If the crown ain’t mine tell me who am I behind”


I’ve already declared my love for Push’s My Name Is My Name album. (https://onblastpodcast.wordpress.com/2014/01/08/hip-hop-album-of-the-year-pt-1-pt-2/) and now yet again with the help of Mr. West, I can’t wait for King Push’s second solo album to drop. Either way let us know what you think about the new King Push:

As always, just my thoughts.  Right or wrong, just how I’m feeling at the time.



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