KEN BLOCK’s GYMKHANA 7… and why its still so dope.

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Dearest internet,

It’s been a while since I’ve graced you with my auto-vehicular nonsense, or any of my nonsense for that matter. For that I apologize, but I shall not apologize for any of the tire-shredding-845HP-custom-Mustang-sideways-driving-mastery that Ken Block dropped on us today.

Ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce you to Gymkhana 7: Wild in the streets of Los Angeles. This is Ken Block’s latest video of him tearing up a familiar town (for those of us who have put in our hours in GTA5) in his fully custom, 4-wheel-drive 845 horsepower Mustang. Usually, Ken pilots a very capable Ford Fiesta rallycross racer that’s been converted to manage the absolutely-retarded demands he puts on the engine, transmission, and suspension… but this time around, I guess he opted for something that resembles more of a sex offender (Trademark – @MayorDalziel).

Gymkhana is a recent phenomenon – a Japanese car control exercise where one would practice drifting, donuts, J-turns, 360’s, etc. in a pre-determined space littered with obstacles and cones to mark the ‘play’ area. There’s no specific route, instead drivers express themselves via hands and feet – driving the car on the other side of control, smoking tires around the aforementioned play area. You can get a clear idea of what I’m talking about in Ken Block’s previous Gymkhana videos, like this one .

For me though – I gotta say I really like what’s going on here. It’s still mostly the same tricks from previous videos, but still impressive considering the setting. Some may say this is kind of like the figure skating of car culture… but I don’t try to make that parallel.



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