No need for stats, no need for any other type of breakdown because the above play tells you everything you need to know about the Raptors 120-88 beat down of the Sixers.  Your Toronto Raptors are now 6-1 after back to back blowout home wins and now sit all alone in first place in the Eastern Conference for the first time in franchise history.  The team formerly known as the Philadelphia 76ers were the latest victims of the #WeTheNorth movement thanks to a roster of names that could make up an entire episode of Charles Barkley’s favourite game “Who He Play For”.  Philly would have been better off running out Will Smith and Marcus Stokes from those Fresh Prince of Bel-Air basketball episodes.  In fact, the best thing that will happen for the Sixers this season actually took place on Friday night and it involved their injured top pick Joel Embiid

Other than Mr. Embiid’s best Bobby Shmurda impression,  the Sixers are pathetic, while the Raptors are the opposite right now.  DeMar and Kyle are cookin’, the bench squad is “going up” (on a Tuesday…and) each and every day and Terrence Ross is alive.  Next up, the Orlando Magic Tuesday night at the ACC in another game that will be featured all across the United States on NBA TV.  It’s a game that the #Raptors should win and hope to improve to 7-1 before their showdown Thursday night against the Bulls. That game will be a coming out party of sorts, to the entire NBA.  As it will be played in front of Charles, Kenny, Shaq, Ernie and the entire TNT crew, in the franchise’s first primetime regular season game on the NBA’s biggest stage since Vince Carter’s prime.  Things are looking good right now in Raptor land and everyone’s fired up including this guy…..

Like I always say, life in 2014….I’m really old and not that cool anymore…not at all.  But I think the Sixers twitter account summed things up best.



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