Before joining the Mavs, the only thing I knew about Monta Ellis was that he loved shoot the ball.  So it’s great to see him finally show some type of personality.  By now we all know about our favourite Gossip Girl character Chandler Parsons and his aspirations of fame away from the  basketball court.  So really, anything is on the table for Mr. Parsons after signing his Mavs contract in a night club with Mark Cuban right? (https://onblastpodcast.wordpress.com/2014/07/10/mark-cuban-signs-chandler-parsons-in-a-night-club/)

So that leaves us with Dirk and my biggest question regarding this entire thing, so lets play a little PTI Odds Makers: What are the chances that Lil Wayne wrote Dirk’s lyrics for this video?   I’m going with a solid 35%, I mean they are boys right?


Never forget LeBron…never, ever forget.



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