This is what Kevin Durant signed up for when he joined Roc Nation Sports.  To have the ability to take his brand to the next level.  What better way to build your profile, than to give fans an inside look into the life of last season’s MVP.  Fresh off of his “On The Run Tour” HBO Doc, Jay Z put in a call to the suits to see what they could come up with for his top sports client.  Obviously the people at HBO are one of the best in the business when it comes to Sports Documentaries.  If you remember, HBO did a doc on Derek Jeter’s chase of 3000 hits, that was so good it even had Yankee haters shouting their new found RE2PECT (sorry, I had to) for The Captain.  This time around, Kevin Durant is already one of the most likeable superstars the NBA has seen in a long time.  So who wouldn’t want to learn even more about KD.  I mean, just this clip alone made him everyone’s favourite player right?

I can’t wait for this doc to air, but it is also a sad reminder that KD will miss the first month of the season with a foot injury.  But if the trailer is any indication.  Then the Thunder star will be back and better than ever.



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