This is why President Barack Obama is the man.  Always so calm, always cool and never seems unnerved.  He’s in the middle of casting his early ballot in Chicago for the 2014 Midterm Electon, when a man clearly trying to make a scene says to the President “Don’t Touch My Girlfriend”.  But instead of getting rattled, the President just sweet talks his way out of the situation and is so dope in doing so.  He knows that this will be a story and so instead of making it even more uncomfortable, he just runs with it.  It’s like this was a skit on that old show “Keys To The VIP” where they would go out of their way to add to the degree of difficulty of getting a girls number, by upping the level of awkwardness.  Only, the most powerful man in the world isn’t flustered.  No, not at all, instead he was smooth enough that this performance could have made an appearance in the video for OutKast’s International Players Anthem.  This video is so good, but I just wonder, what if?  I mean, that conversation could have gone in a whole other extremely awkward direction with another politician.  Imagine that happening to Prime Minister Stephen Harper? Actually…Nah, me either….



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