New England Patriots vs New York Jets at Gillette Stadium

Last week I got lazy and it cost me big time with my Week 6 picks.  Thanksgiving, plus working all weekend didn’t allow me to put as much as I wanted to into my picks and it showed.  But in the end who doesn’t like a comeback story?  The funny thing is, my comeback may have started with some luck last week.  Never in my life have I had a late game gambling win as I did  last week thanks to Geno Smith’s pick 6 (Denver covered the -10 with 20 seconds left) and Aaron Rodgers’ game winning last second touchdown.   I’ve never had a two team parlay flip like that with seconds left to go in both games.  Add that to a Niners Shmoney Dance on Monday night and my online account tells me that it was a good week.  But that’s not good enough as my overall picks have been terrible as of late and I need to get back to respectability.  Side note, don’t trust anyone’s picks who doesn’t keep track and tell you what their overall record is.  What sense does that make to give out picks without showing your record.  I’m sorry, but as a wise man once said “Dat Nah Mek It”.  The comeback season starts now, lets get to the picks.  As always HOME TEAMS IN CAPS.

Jets (+9.5) over PATRIOTS 

Geno Smith almost getting double digits for the second straight week.  As mentioned above, he almost pulled it off if not for the dreaded pick 6.  My logic was simple, if he could almost pull it off against the Broncos, then the Pats would be food.  Note, going forward I still don’t believe that all of the Brady Bunch’s problems are solved.  In the end it’s a tough loss for Geno Smith, but he’s now getting Percy Harvin and things could be worse for him in New York, just ask Shia LaBeouf.  This interview on Jimmy Kimmel is AMAZING.  Talk about the art of storytelling!!!

RAVENS (-6.5) over Falcons 

I’m sorry, but the Falcons just keep proving to be nothing but chumps.  They don’t travel well and last week’s home loss to the Bears shows that they can’t even get things done at home either.  You know who isn’t a chump?  Steve Smith Sr.  He’s decided to only use twitter for his charity foundation because the twitter trolls were ruining his day to day enjoyment of the medium.    Smith is right, twitter trolls are annoying and I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like for someone to have anonymous people talk recklessly about your loved ones online.  It honestly makes no sense to me at all how and why people become twitter thugs.  Either way, it’s not like Steve Smith was going to log off without dropping one more gem.

PACKERS (-7) over Panthers 

Aaron Rogers is already at a QB God Level.  Killa Cam Newton is trying to get there.  Both had magical late game drives last week, but Mr. Rogers’ neighbourhood has a much more stable foundation.  Wait who are we kidding, Cam has no help at all.  His receivers are banged up, his O-line sucks and all of his running backs are injured.  That’s why I gotta go with the Packers.

COLTS (-3) over Bengals 

Andrew Luck and the Colts offence is putting in work.  Without a healthy AJ Green, I just don’t see how the Bengals can keep up

Browns (-5) over JAGS 

I hate, hate, hate these Vegas Zone lines (i.e. more than a FG, but less than a TD think 4-6 point spreads).  These type of lines usually mean that Vegas doesn’t really know what’s going to happen and that usually means something fishy.  Most often than not its an upset.  But in this case, I’m just not ready to pick the Jags to beat anyone.  So I’m riding the Bryan Hoyer train and taking Cleveland.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I believe in the Browns ( a kiss of death, no doubt).  Mr. Hoyer better get it in now, cause it’s almost Cavs Country again in Cleveland.  Just ask Tristan Thompson, he’s already TURNT!!!

Dolphins (+3) over BEARS 

Here’s the thing.  The Dolphins always travel well.  They hung tough against the Packers in Green Bay last week.  Whereas the Bears, I have no clue what to make of the Bears.  Other than a second half comeback against the Niners in week 2, the Bears have only beaten Geno’s Jets and the lowly Falcons.  While they’ve also blown a late lead to Cam Newton, gotten smashed by the Packers…and wait for it…wait for it…lost to the almighty Buffalo Bills (while EJ Manual was still running the offence).  Sorry, Mr. Cutler but “We don’t believe you, you need more people” or at least another week to prove me wrong.

Vikings (+5.5) over BILLS 

The Buffalo Bills should not be favoured to beat anyone by more than a field goal under any circumstances.   Hence the Vegas Zone.

Saints (+2.5) over LIONS 

This pick is as simple as, we may see Jimmy Graham this Sunday.  While, theres no chance at all that we see Megatron.  With those odds, I’ll take the Saints and the points.

Seahawks (-6) over RAMS 

The Seahawks have traded Percy Harvin, so to me this means that they have no choice but to get back to basics and give the ball to Beast Mode. Side note is it wrong that as I was typing that, in my mind I was certain that the word “Cowboy” was coming after the words “Beast Mode”?  Damn Big Brother, still stuck in my head.   Also speaking of Big Brother, if you haven’t stumbled across Amber’s instagram page… you should (

The Washington’s (-5) over TITANS 

I’m sorry, but anytime Charlie Whitehurst is still involved I have to go the other way.  But again, the Vegas Zone worries me.

Chiefs (+4) over CHARGERS 

Chargers win, Chiefs cover.  This just smells like a FG game.  WHAT’S WITH THESE VEGAS ZONE GAMES!!!!!

Cardinals (-3.5) over RAIDERS

The Raiders are not good at football.  It’s just that simple.

Giants (+6.5) over COWBOYS

How Bout Dem Cowboys!!!  The hype machine is in full effect.  DeMarco Murray is BEASTIN’ and carrying my fantasy team might I add.  But this is the Dallas Cowboys and it’s way too early for Jerry Jones and Co. to feel this comfortable.  I think they win out right, but they get a scare from the QB formerly known as Eli Manning.

Niners (+7) over BRONCOS

The Niners getting 7 points against anybody?!?  I’ll let another Bay Area team show you my reaction to that one:


Texans (+3) over STEELERS 

JJ Watt getting points…I’m in EARLY!!!  Seriously though, I think the Steelers are in trouble.

Happy Shmoney Dancing

Against the Spread:


LAST WEEK: 5-9-1

SEASON: 42-48-2

Straight up WINNERS:


LAST WEEK: 10-4-1

SEASON: 58-33-1



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