If you follow us here at On Blast, then you know that I’m more of a Kimmel guy (as outlined here at around the 6 minute mark: But I will say that while I do prefer Kimmel’s interview style, Fallon is obviously better in sketches and has better overall bits. In the above video, Fallon’s fan boy act didn’t ruin the cool factor that Jeter always seems to possess. In fact, showing Fallon’s childlike cheering at the Yankee game made him seem more like a real person. It’s as if all of the giggling during interviews and bits is really actually him and not just a shtick. It gave me a better appreciation for Jimmy Fallon knowing that it just might be his real personality to be that socially awkward. And I’m ok with that, especially when you couple that with the fact that again, his bits are the best. Here’s one he did with Jeter from last year about at bat music:

In closing, as a sports fan and a self proclaimed Derek Jeter fan boy, I can’t fully explain how awesome it was to see all of the different accounts of his final game at Yankee Stadium. But in the end, this video shot from the upper levels of Yankee Stadium might just be my favorite one of them all.

The funny thing is, if that were me I think I would have had the exact same “holy sh*t” type reaction.  Sorry for the foul language, but to make up for it, I’ll let Derek Jeter’s nephew have the final say in this post.



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