Apparently Lance Stephenson raps? I had no idea either.  But the newest Charlotte Hornet jumps on the song of the summer to put his own spin on the hit made famous by Bobby Shmurda (  Lance Stephenson is AMAZING and for the record I would take him on my basketball team any day of the week.  But with that said, I would also pay money to see Michael Jordan’s reaction to this video.  Plus, I wonder if this is MJ’s favourite line because it’s definitely mine:

“I been ballin’ hard since like the 5th grade/Watchin’ AI gettin’ 40 wit the french braids/Love Indiana, I’ma miss dem good days/Charlotte Hornets, MJ that’s the new wave” 

As I wrote last week, the beat is CRAZY good, yet simple enough that anyone can rap over it.   And that’t why Bobby Shmurda won this past summer.  Either way I hope this is the first of many rap videos from Lance, because he actually likes to have fun.  Athletes are people too and so it’s great to see dudes that aren’t afraid to show some personality.  Plus it gives all new meaning my favourite terms from last year’s NBA season.  “LANCE A MAKE ‘EM DANCE, LANCE A MAKE ‘EM DANCE…”

“Born Ready, case you didn’t know”



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