Roger Goodell embarrassed himself on Friday in a press conference that someone, somewhere, somehow thought would be a good idea for the Commish to come out of hiding and get on the mic…ON LIVE TELEVISION.   First things first, the only winners from the Goodell press conference were Rachel Nichols, the Howard Stern dude that interrupted the presser and the guy from TMZ (“We made one phone call and got the tape, you guys have an entire legal department” #ShotsFired).  But lets start with Rachel Nichols.  You can always tell the respect that a subject has for an interviewer when they name check the person after a question (Note: a name check for example, is when Rachel Nichols asks LeBron James a question in a scrum or press conference and LeBron mentions Rachel by name during his answer.  Listen closely next time to any scrum and pay attention to if the subject mentions the reporter by name.  It happens more than you think).  I will say that I have always noticed that Rachel Nichols gets name checked by EVERYONE.  It’s a cosign of not only status, but of respect. And before you try to turn this into some “pretty girl” BS, don’t.  That’s just stupid and disrespectful.  Plus I’ve been in multiple scrums with her especially during LeBron’s first year in Miami and she’s always had the utmost respect of everyone no matter who it was.  It took a few times in person for me to pay enough attention to fully realize what was happening.  There’s a reason why she’s always one of the first ones to get in a question and there’s a reason why she gets name checked.  It’s by building a reputation of asking good, thoughtful questions.  So if you’ve been paying attention over the years then you wouldn’t be that surprised by her poignant questions to Roger Goodell (  You don’t think other athletes pay attention and watch that stuff?  Of course they do and that’s how a good reporter earns the respect of future interview subjects.  Men, women it doesn’t matter.  Be great and ask good questions. It’s that simple.

Now lets get back to Goodell specifically.  Again, what was the point of that press conference? He didn’t add anything new at all.  In fact he just made things worse.  I just don’t understand why he didn’t just overtly admit that he botched the entire situation from the beginning, except full responsibility and then simply apologize.  Then explain that he isn’t going to step down, because he wants to be part of the solution.  It will be a long and difficult road, but he has to see it thought.  I think I would actually believe that.  Then, I don’t know, what about having an ACTUAL plan beyond making some BS donations for PR purposes.  The entire thing just seemed so phoney.

But my last point that I want to make on the Goodell press conference is to the people asking why Goodell didn’t step down.  Can we all be honest for a second and admit that none of us, under any circumstances would walk away from a job that paid us $44 MILLION A YEAR.  Why on earth would anyone do that?  That just isn’t good math in my books.  You just wouldn’t.   And there in lies my point with Goodell.  It shouldn’t be up to him.  He should be forced out, by the owners, the players association, the twitter mob aka the fans or even the sponsors.  Goodell should be done, but if you’re mad that he didn’t step down, then you’re lost.  I’m sorry.  Now let’s get to some football picks as I need a bounce back from last week.


FALCONS (-6.5) over Bucs  

I gave you this one on twitter pre game as I’ll normally do before the Thursday night games.  I thought the Falcons were a lock, but damn I didn’t think the Bucs were THIS bad.  They’re 0-3 with losses to the likes of Derek Anderson, Austin Davis (who?) and the most embarrassing performance that I can remember in a prime time NFL game.  Honestly, Victoria on Big Brother put up more of a fight this season, than the Bucs did on Thursday night. #ShmoneyDance

Chargers (+2.5) over BILLS 

The annual trend continues with me being horribly wrong with the Bills.  So I’m just going to ride this out and keep on betting against them for at least one more week; knowing that inevitably I will bet on them to win/cover and they will let me down.  But until then, I’m rollin with Phil Rivers and the resurgence of Antonio Gates

The Washington’s (+6.5) over EAGLES 

This division stinks.  The Eagles offence was going to roll to the NFC East title and I was going to enjoy the ride Shmoney Dancing with their offence each and every week.  Now this premise was based on The Washington’s being a non-factor because RG3’s career was soon to be over and that he would stall their offence for most of the year.  Well, RG3’s body didn’t even hold up for two full weeks and now they’re back to the Kirk Cousins era.  Which in a strange way might actually help their offence.  Taking the points, but the Eagles win the attempted DeSean Jackson revenge game.

BENGALS (7) over Titans

Bengals Roll, they’re running game is legit. The Titans Run-D, not so much.

Texans (-2.5) over GIANTS 

“The Fall of Eli” sounds like a future 40 for 40 doc by ESPN.  Plus, JJ Watt is catching touchdown passes now WTF?  I’m going to be riding the Texans for at least the next few weeks.

RAMS (+2.5) over Dallas 

You’re right I don’t know who Austin Davis is and so I should take Tony Romo to win by a FG right?  Wrong, sticking with my rules:  When in doubt…I’m taking the home dog and in fact, the RAMS WIN OUT RIGHT

Ravens (-1.5) over BROWNS

It’s still Hoyer’s town for a few more weeks until the Cavs start training camp.  By the way, remember when Johnny Manziel partying too much in Vegas was the biggest worry in NFL circles.  Seems so long ago, no?  I’m taking the Ravens because I just think that they’re a better team.  Plain and simple.

LIONS (-2.5) over Packers

The Packers should have lost to Geno Smith and the Jets.  If Geno and the Jets are throwing deep bombs in jump ball situations against the Packers, then what is Megatron gonna do?

JAGS (+7) over Colts

I don’t think the Colts are good.  Andrew Luck appears to be all by himself with no offensive line and so I think 7 points are too much against a sneaky Jags team.  Colts win the game, but the Jags cover the points.

PATS (-14.5) over Raiders

I don’t want to take the points, I really REALLY don’t want to take the points.  But…the Raiders are really REALLY bad. They’ve shown no signs of actually being a competitive football team this season.  Plus, at some point the Patriots offence has to look like a Tom Brady Patriots offence right?  Why not this week, give me a Gronk Spike or two and maybe even a Shmoney Dance for good measure.  (I will remember this moment, when I’m pissed off for going against my rule of not taking double digit spreads)

Vikings (+10) over SAINTS 

Ok that was quick.  I now I feel better for breaking my double digit spread rule with the Patriots.  I’m taking the points here with the Vikings, as the Saints need to show me something here, ESPECIALLY at home.  The Vikings on the other hand now know that they won’t have the Adrian Peterson stench around them for a while and so now lets see how the team reacts on the field.  Saints win, but don’t cover the 10 points

CARDS (+2.5) over Niners

I’m officially worried as a Niners fan.  They can’t get a pass rush going and that in fact has been their key to success over the past few years.  Killa Kaep has to make too many plays now and I don’t know if he can do it against a very good Arizona defence.  So, I’m trusting my rules and taking the home dog.   I’m sad to say it, but the Niners will be 1-2 three weeks into the season.

SEAHAWKS (-4.5) over Broncos

I still remember leaving in the middle of the 3rd quarter of last year’s Super Bowl, to go watch a Pusha T concert on the Danforth.  Nothing has changed since except for the fact that I rep King Push even more now; and that Richard Sherman and that D will be pissed off coming off of last week’s loss in San Diego.  The Seahawks don’t lose 2 in a row and they don’t lose at home.  #ShmoneyDance

DOLPHINS (-4.5) over Chiefs

I don’t know what to make of the Dolphins yet this season.  But I do know that the Chiefs with Jamaal Charles banged up and listed as a game time decision, is not a good look at all.  Especially when your QB is Alex Smith.

PANTHERS (-3.5) over Steelers 

Panthers roll.  They look super legit, especially on D.  While the Steelers haven’t looked good since the first half of week one (outscored 50-9 over their last 6 quarters)

Bears (+3) over JETS 

Now, I know the Jets almost won last week against the Packers.  But still, they should not be favoured by a FG over anyone….at least not yet.  Plus, I gotta ride with Cutler and Co. after they’re second half comeback in San Fran last week. Bears win outright.

Happy Shmoney Dancing

Against the Spread:



SEASON: 17-16

Straight up WINNERS:



SEASON: 20-13



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