To me this is one of the greatest mysteries of our generation.  Who is the New York Knick that Biggie raps about on “I Got A Story To Tell”.  For those unfamiliar with the song, it’s no doubt a hip hop classic by one of the greatest rappers of all time.   You had BIG doing what he did best on a beat that perfectly matched his “Notorious Storytelling Flow”.  He is considered the GOAT because he could always paint the perfect picture.  He makes you feel as if you’re not only in the room with him and his boys as he tells the story, but he makes it feel as if you’re actually in the same room on the now infamous night with a female friend of a player on the New York Knicks

You see for years and years it’s been debated whether this story is even true.  I mean, rappers from time to time are known stretch the truth right?  Names have been thrown out around for years, everyone from Doug Christie, Allen Houston, Hubert Davis and of course the aforementioned John Starks.  But for the most part this story was more rumour than reality.  More a fun folklore, than actual facts.  But here, Mr. Starks is quick to say “I know who that was about, but I’m not gonna say…but I just want to get it clear that it’s not about me”.   Wait, wait?!? This is the first time that I’ve heard anyone who could actually give insight on this topic, actually give some insight on this topic.   Starks then goes on to say “First and foremost I’m not even 6’5, I’m 6’2”.   How weird of a comment is that?  Bomani was quick to point out how that might be the first time ever that a player has said they are shorter than advertised.  But also isn’t it sort of strange that Starks specifically knows the height of the Knick player that Big raps about?  Has he bumped the song that much? I guess he must be used to answering that question right?  Wait, but NOT ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. 

And that’s why this was amazing, on so many levels.  The perfect way that the initial question is phrased (Nathan Downer take note: ), the look on Starks’ face when he says “Dat what now?”.  The fact that Starks “doesn’t know” who else on the Knicks was around 6’5.  The ploy to try to get Starks to admit to who the player is while the camera is still rolling off air. PLUS the fact that Biggie once hit on Dan Le Batard’s girlfriend?!?! WHAAAT!!! Everything about this is so good.  But nothing and I mean NOTHING is better than the fact that John Starks lets us know that there is some layer of truth behind one of the greatest mysteries of our generation.  We need to get Jalen and Jacoby to figure this out on the Pop The Trunk Podcast.  Maybe Bill Simmons should do a 30 for 30 on this.  Or maybe we should just get Harvey Levin and “Dem TMZ Boys” on the case.   They seem to be scooping everything now a days (right Mr. Goodell).  I don’t know, but something’s gotta give here and maybe this interview will start the snowball again and someone else will shed some more light on who this now infamous New York Knick could be.

Complete, but interesting side note, the producer of “I got a story to tell” Buckwild, tells a story himself,  about how the beat was supposed to be for Foxy Brown.  But when she first heard the track, she said “It’s the worst beat I heard in my life”.  The beat eventually made it to Biggie and the rest as they say is history.   Thanks Foxy, you passed on one of the best beats in rap history and could have altered one of the greatest hip hop mysteries of all time.

As always, just my thoughts.  Right or wrong, just how I’m feeling at the time.



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