Remember when we actually talked about the games?  What a terrible week for headlines in the NFL, but hopefully at least for one day the focus will be on the football field and not the fact that the United States of America is almost at the point where they need to create a jail specifically for these morons in the NFL.  Lets get to the picks against the spread.


Steelers (+2 ) over RAVENS 

In the stinky bad karma bowl, I had Big Bad Ben against the team that used to employ Ray Rice, but still employs Terrell Suggs.  I took the Steelers and I was wrong, but I’m just glad that I no longer will have to make a pick based on who I would feel less gross rooting for.  Yes, that’s the NFL in 2014.  Your the man Mr. Goodell

 Dolphins (-1) over BILLS 

Important note, this line started out with Buffalo being favoured and the public hammered the Dolphins.  I was on the Dolphins as well.  But as I stop and think about how happy the people of Buffalo are now that they know their team is staying, plus Jim Kelly and his fight against cancer being honoured before the game…I should be on the Bills bandwagon right?  NOPE, I’m still going to rely on the fact that the Bills are the Bills and so they will crush the hearts of their fans like only the Buffalo Bills can.  Enjoy your team Buffalonians, we here in Toronto really didn’t need anther team to let us down on a regular basis anyways, so thanks.

TITANS (-3.5) over Cowboys 

Did you see the Cowboys and Tony Romo play against the Niners last week?  Ok then, so we’re good here.

PANTHERS (-2.5) over Lions

Derek Anderson suckered gamblers around the world last week, that rushed to put money on the Bucs after it was announced that Cam Newton wouldn’t be in the line up.  Yes I was one of those people and now because of it I’m taking Killa Cam and the Panthers this week.

BROWNS (+6.5) over Saints

I still believe that the Saints are good and that divisional games are always the most highly contested.  So I’m not going to write them off because they lost to the Falcons.  I think the Saints win the game, but the Browns cover the points.  Yes I’m trying to stick to this home dog thing for at least the first two weeks of the season.

Jaguars (+5.5) over THE WASHINGTON’S

Why are The Washington’s favoured to beat anyone by more than a field goal?  I know the Jags blew last weeks game in spectacular fashion, but they hung with Eagles on the road for the majority of the game.  I think the Eagles are way better than RG3 and co. and so that’s why I’m taking the points.  Sorry KD, but the Jags win this game out right and your boys start the season 0-2

Pats (-3.5) over VIKINGS 

Apparently Adrian Peterson decided that he needed to take some of the heat off of his boys Ray Rice and Roger Goodell.   But really though, all jokes aside WTF?!?!  I’m sure I’m not the only one that had that exact same response when the Peterson news broke.  The NFL is an absolute joke right now and because of that Goodell has to go.  I have to write about this at full length because it really is a crazy time in the NFL, but also in the media and how fans (the twitter mob) reacts to “news”.  But that’s for another time, for now Brady and Belichick are never going to start a a season 0-2.  Pats roll, a Gronk spike or two…and HOPEFULLY a Shmoney Dance or two (have you seen my write up on this yet

Cardinals (-1) over GIANTS 

Arizona is legit, Eli and the Giants are not.  And what happened to Victor Cruz?  I actually miss his salsa dance, maybe he should rep New York and covert to the Shmoney Dance and all will be right for the GMen

Falcons (+4.5) over BENGALS 

I can’t lie, I’m taking the points because of the Vegas zone.  This line started at 6 and the public hammered the line down to 4.5, so again one of my rules I have to try to stick to AT LEAST for two weeks.  When a game is in the Vegas zone, take the points.

Seahawks (-6) over CHARGERS

Seahawks roll and I can just see the Phillip Rivers sucky face now after he’s sacked for the 5th time off of a Seattle blitz

BUCS (-5.5) over RAMS

The Rams stink and so if everyone’s “surprise” pick from Tampa are going to live up to he hype, they have to smash the crappy Rams

PACKERS (-8) over Jets 

Green Bay bounces back after running into Seattle’s beast mode D.  While the Jets got lucky that they were playing against the Raiders.  Packers roll.

Texans (-3) over RAIDERS 

The Matt Schaub Bowl.  I know that he’s on the bench, but isn’t “That So Raiders” to give up 2 draft picks on a QB that everyone else knows is done.  Yes I know I’m taking Fitz-Magic on the road to cover 3 points, but I believe more in Houston’s D to force some turnovers even without Mr. Clowney.

Chiefs (+13.5) over BRONCOS 

So of course the Broncos will win this game, BUT 13.5 is too many points.  The Cheifs suck, but this is a divisional game which are usually close.  You could have talked me into Denver by 10 MAYBE…but unlike last week when I changed my mind last minute on the Eagles (which worked by the way), I’m sticking to my guns and taking the points.

NINERS (-7) over Bears 

Niners home opener and so the crowd will be crazy.  But overall I still need to see more from my Niners before I believe that they can return to the conference championship.  Also, the Bears couldn’t stop the Bills running game…good luck against Frank Gore and Dem Boys.

Eagles (+3) over COLTS

I just like the Eagles offence that much that I think they can AT LEAST cover the 3 points.  But I’m also taking the Eagles out right with the Chip Kelly offence indoors on the turf.

Happy Shmoney Dancing

Against the Spread:




Straight up WINNERS:



SEASON: 11-6



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