Team USA does The Shmoney Dance after they winning the FIBA World Cup, well everyone except DRose.

Just in case you’re not familiar with Bobby Shmurda, he had what the kids call the song of the summer titled “Hot N***a”.

No, right now I’m not going to be the one to defend the lyrical content of hip hop music.   So we’ll have to save that conversation for another day.  I will say though, that the beat is straight FIRE.   I had no idea who or what Bobby Shmurda was until around late July.  I was out at a fine Toronto establishment when the sirens went off to start the track and everyone started yelling.  I was totally clueless to what was going on…and then the beat dropped and the entire club went CRAZY.  It was honestly a surreal moment.  Picture an entire room of adults screaming out in unison “and if you not a hoe, GET UP OUT MY TRAP HOOOOOUSE”.  Of course this was another one of my “Life in 2014, damn I’m old moments”.  And that was before the entire club started rockin out to the track so much that the DJ had no choice but to pull up 2 more times.  Either you were Shmoney Dancing along with the crowd or you were getting pushed to the ground.  For the record, this wasn’t even a hood jam either.  This was King street, bottle service, the full nine and yet a kid from New York named Bobby Shmurda had the entire club TURNT (yes, I said “turnt” because that’s the only way that I can realistically describe it)….again “Life in 2o14”.

That of course led me to the above music video, which then led me down the ever popular YouTube hole.  You know the one where before you know it you’ve spent a solid half hour listening to different remixes and watching different versions of the Shmoney Dance (then somehow ending on cat videos before realizing it’s time for bed).   Well that was me and now here we are, I’m actually writing an On Blast post on Bobby Shmurda.  I know it’s bad, I know the lyrics aren’t good and yet the last time I went out, one of the main reasons I even left my house in the first place, was because I wanted to hear that Bobby Shmurda in the club.  And guess what, maybe 30 seconds after we walked in the beat dropped and we were Shmoney Dancing to the bar.  It was over, I was completely hooked.

Slowly, I started asking people if they’d heard of this Bobby Shmurda character and now more and more I’m finally starting to get yes responses followed by their own personal renditions of the now famous Shmoney Dance.  Youtube search “Celebrity Shmoney Dance” and you’ll see (actually don’t do it you’ll fall into the trap like I did).   I’m not sure when this trend really started to blow up.  But we had the On The Run Tour, in which Beyonce was Shmoney dancing, while Jay Z actually changed the lyrics to his song to shout out the 2014 version of Bobby Digital (seriously, his song has 7 MILLION VIEWS on YouTube) :

Then you had Drake using his track as the intro when he hosted the ESPY’s and then Drizzy continued his cosign when he brought out Mr. Shmurda on his recent tour:

Then Young Jeezy brought out Bobby for his album release party:

Bobby Shmurda is EVERYWHERE.  I think the thing that stands out the most to me is that they’re having fun.  Something that I thought would translate to some funny touchdown celebrations this NFL season, but clearly that league has bigger issues to worry about (understatement of the year).    Either way the remixes continue with pretty much every rapper dropping their 16 bars to the song of the summer.  Here’s my favourite featuring Fabolous, Jadakiss, Busta and others

Now the trend is going world wide as well, with a reggae remix featuring Junior Reid, Mavado, Popcaan and Jah X:

And also Elephant Man releasing a video for his song called “Shmoney Dance”

Again, I know the content isn’t good and the video is promoting some not so good things. But please be smart enough to understand that this just isn’t for you and that’s ok.  Not everything is for everyone and that some of us are actually able to differentiate a song and dance from actual real life.  It’s just music which is just entertainment.  We watch movies and tv and ride with Jack Bauer, Stringer Bell, Walter White and Tony Soprano etc. so why can’t we do the same and enjoy some Bobby Shmurda?  Is the song a classic?  No, not at all.  Is he just a one hit wonder?  I don’t know, maybe?!  Is the Shmoney Dance just something that one of your uncles would break out after having a few too many at a wedding or family BBQ? Yes!! And does any of that matter or make this all any less fun?  No of course it doesn’t.   I just simply love music.  Sometimes it’s smart, sometimes it’s silly and sometimes it’s both.  But the bottom line is, even though I’m older now…I still love music.  I’ll leave it to Chris Rock to fully explain:

So with that said, I have no idea when this trend will end, but I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.  And oh yeah and poor Lloyd Banks.  You see this beat was actually his first, but his version (called “Jackpot”) didn’t pop.  Yes the industry is crazy sometimes….anyways, Happy Shmoney Dancing!!!

As always, just my thoughts.  Right or wrong, just how I’m feeling at the time.





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