Mike Tyson has a show in Toronto.  Mike Tyson met yesterday with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.  Mike Tyson was on CP24 to discuss his show in Toronto and his meeting with the Mayor.  Mike Tyson ends up cussing out the host on live tv….wait WHAAAAAT?!?!

Now, as someone in the industry I feel terrible for the host because this is a position that you never want to be in on live television.   It was a question he had to ask, but he for sure should have asked it in a different way.  Then again, who’s to say that Tyson doesn’t snap on him anyways.  Bill Simmons long ago coined the phrase “The Tyson Zone” which is when a celebrity reaches a certain point in which no headline about them would ever shock you.  Good to see that Iron Mike is still living up to his top billing years later.  I have never really been nervous doing an interview before, but I can’t see how I wouldn’t have been shitting my pants with an angry Mike Tyson staring at me and that’s BEFORE he says “whatchu you gonna do about it” #GCHECK.  Real talk though, I’m throwing to break ASAP and I’m out.   Seriously, do they have on site security?   I mean, what would have happened if Mike Tyson went Mike Tyson on poor Nathan Downer?  (I’m only half joking here by the way…think about it what would have happened?)

Seriously though, who would’ve thought that Mike Tyson meeting Rob Ford would end in anything other than total chaos.  You can’t try to use someone’s celebrity for publicity, then get mad because the focus of said publicity is negative. In the end the negativity is part of why BOTH (Rob Ford/Mike Tyson) are “famous”. Can’t have one without the other.

Either way get used to seeing this video a lot.

#WorldStar…oh sorry I mean #OnBlast


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