Nas: Time Is Illmatic 2014 Official Trailer

Thought by many as one of the greatest rap albums of all time, Nas is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Illmatic with a documentary and a reissued double cd both titled “Nas: Time Is Illmatic”.  The doc premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival back in April.  While the full release is set begin October 2nd as a part of the Nas: Time is Illmatic tour.  Most stops on the tour will feature a screening of the documentary followed by a live performance of Illmatic by the half man-half amazin’, Nasir Jones himself.  Not a bad night of music at all if you ask me.

But if you’re not able to attend, you suck…BUT maybe this video of Nas performing Illmatic live, will help convince you to start saving your loonies while you still have time.

1 – The Genesis, 2 – N.Y. State Of Mind, 3 – Life’s A Bitch, 4 – The World Is Yours, 5 – Halftime, 6 – Memory Lane (Sittin’ In Da Park), 7 – Represent, 8 – One Love, 9 – One Time 4 Your Mind, 10 – It Ain’t Hard To Tell, 11 – The Message, 12 – Street Dreams, 13 – If I Ruled The World, 14 – I Can, 15 – Nastradamus, 16 – Nas Is Like, 17 – Hate Me Now (ft. Puff Daddy), 18 – You’re Da Man, 19 – It’s Like That, 20 – Accident Murderers ft. Rick Ross, 21 – Get Down
22 – Stillmatic (The Intro), 23 – Brave Heart, 24 – Made You Look, 25 – One Mic



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