By now you’ve heard the story about Wes Welker being suspended 4 games by the NFL for amphetamines, which is banned under the league’s PED policy.  The Broncos made an appeal two weeks ago, but today received word that their appeal had been denied.  Welker’s status was already in doubt because of a concussion that he suffered during the pre season, so now this suspension just adds to an already tough start to the season.  So what’s with the “Wes Welker as Trinidad James” thing?  Well, soon after the suspension news dropped, another huge domino fell not so soon after.

This story keeps getting better and better.  Molly? Really?  That’s two NFL dudes in the span of a few weeks.  Although the report also states that:

“Although Molly is MDMA, Florio points out that pure MDMA would not trigger regular amphetamine tests..”

So if we were to do some basic Veronica Mars type work (shouts to Kristen Bell), you’ll remember the story about “Ya Boi” (#WilbonVoice) at the Kentucky Derby winning over $50 000 and then walking around handing out $100 bills to complete strangers:

Now, I will not claim to know much about Molly.  To be honest, I’m not that cool.  But if it makes rich people hand out $100 bills to complete strangers; then maybe I need to hang out at more rich people parties.

With that said, I think now is the time for Rex Ryan to exact some revenge.  I mean how else could he possibly get back at Welker for embarrassing him for his…ahh…love of feet?

Damn, I almost forgot how funny that press conference was.  I don’t know if Rex could actually top that one.  But he should at least try.  He should come out during his next presser and simply say “I’m Sweatin’ WOOOOOOO” then mic drop and walk off.  I mean, all he would have to say to Mr. Goodell is “What? I’m fat and I’m sweating”.  Could anyone argue that? Plus, someone would actually have to explain to Roger Goodell who and what Trinidad James is.  Now that alone is a win-win no?

Part of me actually feels bad for Trinidad James in all of this.  My dude’s 15 minutes ran out before the craze that he helped perpetuate officially took the NFL by storm.  By the way, I cannot believe that video has over 11 MILLION VIEWS.  This for me is another one of those “Life in 2014 is messed up, damn I’m old” moments.

In the end, I find this all very amusing, because it is so ridiculous, on so many different levels.  And I’m sure the internet will continue to have a field day with this story as the week progresses, but I’ll give our last word to my fellow #OnBlast mate.

As always, just my thoughts.  Right or wrong, just what I’m feeling at the time.





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