While the rest of the hip hop world now turns to Drake’s OVO Fest to make their splash and hopefully garner some viral buzz. The Wu-Tang Clan took a different route. A very different route. They hit the stage of The Daily Show to debut their new song “Ron O’Neal” as well as everyone’s favourite rap classic “Triumph”.


A few things, the song is ok. But I think I need to take it in a few more times and maybe even hear the actual studio cut before making a fully formed opinion. To be honest, I can’t say the performance of “Ron O’Neal” did that much for me. If you pay really close attention, it doesn’t appear like Ghost knows when his turn is during the song. But with that said, who cares right? It’s Wu-Tang and they also performed Triumph. And who knows, maybe this album will be dope. But then again, a lot has changed since “The Wu” was last relevant. For example, everyone in hip hop should know by now that if you really want to make some noise in today’s rap game; OVO Fest is the move and not the daily show right? Just imagine how CRAZY that would have been as soon as the beat from Triumph blasted through the speakers in the 6 this past weekend. That may have been the greatest moment in OVO HISTORY. I’m not that smart and I’m sure that someone else thought of this. Hopefully there’s more to it than we know and maybe there was a plan but they had Chris Brown like Canadian border problems. Who knows and maybe with time, more info will surface about the whole situation as well as their new album set to be released later on this year. All I hope is that their album doesn’t flop…Please…please don’t flop.

As always, just my thoughts. Right or Wrong, just how I’m feeling at the time.




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