Welcome to 2014. In this the TMZ/ESPN 24 hour news cycle, what constitutes as being “news” changes on a daily basis. But along with what the definition of “News” actually is, the lines of journalism continue to be blurred. We are inundated with endless speculation about what jersey LeBron James will be wearing next season, with information from “sources” about who is eating with who, where someone’s private jet is going and who tweeted who about what.

But while we wait for that storyline to play out, Mark Cuban decided to find a sure fire way to land himself on today’s PTI topic bar. He signed Rockets forward Chandler Parsons to 3 year $45 Million offer sheet IN A NIGHT CLUB. No need for sources, no insiders, just someone with their cell phone filming Cuban and Parsons signing a contract while the latter crushes a vodka water out of a plastic cup.

I thought the LeBron “Decision 2.0” was the most “this is sports in 2014” situation of the summer. But Mark Cuban just shoved his chips into the middle of the table and said “Your move LeBron”. This is Chandler Parsons trying to be cool, while coming off  less like a character on Gossip Girl or a new starting guard on the reboot of the show Hang Time.  A reboot that isn’t really happening, but it should be (shout out to the Teddy Bear and Julie Conner by the way).  But really this is Mark Cuban screaming yet again “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, Man”, so maybe we should just let him handle his business.  But man, I’ve just watched this video 3 times and I still can’t decide if I like this move or if I find it ridiculously calculated and thus super lame.  Then again, if that was the case I at least would have had a better song playing in the background.  Maybe “Turn Down For What” or “Brick In Yo Face” by Stitches (Now Whatchu Gon’ Do Wit It” #SummerOfStitches).

I don’t know. But  either way, welcome to 2014.

Just my thoughts, right or wrong. Just how I’m feeling at the time.




  1. […] Before joining the Mavs, the only thing I knew about Monta Ellis was that he loved shoot the ball.  So it’s great to see him finally show some type of personality.  By now we all know about our favourite Gossip Girl character Chandler Parsons and his aspirations of fame away from the  basketball court.  So really, anything is on the table for Mr. Parsons after signing his Mavs contract in a night club with Mark Cuban right? ( […]

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