If you don’t know who Don Draper is, then I really feel sorry for you. He’s the lead character on arguably one of the best shows in television history, titled Mad Men. Draper works in advertising, but that basic description is selling him short, by a long shot. Don Draper is perfectly summed up by what Shawn Carter meant when he said “I sell ice in the winter, I sell fire in hell. I’m a hustler baby, I sell water to a well”

In the above video of “Draper Doin’ Work”, someone has wonderfully taken LeBron James’ pending free agency and put it into the world of Don Draper doing what Don Draper does. I can’t lie, it almost sold me on the fact that LeBron should in fact go back to Cleveland.  I mean, of course it did, its Don Draper. This should actually be the Cavs pitch to the King (assuming he likes Mad Men of course) Plus if they really want to seal the deal, in the next video they should bring in Joan to see what she can do…(again Mad Men fans will know EXACTLY what I’m talking about)


Shout out to Joan…but back to the man, the myth, the legend that is Don Draper. He’s right up there in the ranks of the Tony Soprano’s, Walter White’s etc. in terms of the best male leads of all time.  Men who are often complicated and sometimes flawed, but yet at the same time have found a way to be beloved by the majority of their viewing public.  Or as we the #OnBlast crew like to call them “TV Gangsters” (

Mad Men is coming to an end and so could LeBron Jame’s time in Miami. So it’s kind of fitting that through the power of the internet, these two men have crossed paths….even if it’s just a cool video made by someone at the Bleacher Report.

But wait a sec, it just hit me. What if Pat Riley professionally, is actually the real life Don Draper.  I mean, think about it. Pat Riley is as smooth as they come. He’s is a pitch man, he’s a seller, a master manipulator and dare I say a hustler with slicked hair and a shiny suit. He is who Harvey Specter really wants to be. He got LeBron James and Chris Bosh to take less money to come to Miami to reshape the entire NBA landscape and now he has to try to do it all over again. Make no mistake Pat Riley isn’t taking a pay cut, but yet he’s going to have to convince LBJ on taking one and maybe even more importantly, he will have to sell Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on taking even bigger hits to their chequebooks.  Take a step back and think about it for a second, then pay attention to Pat Riley’s press conference today. The beginning of it especially is straight out of the Don Draper hand book of “How to Play on Emotions 101”.

Despite the fact that its been 4 full years, 4 trips to the finals and 2 NBA Championships, I still don’t feel like I can  fully comprehend what Pat Riley pulled off. He got the best player in the game (in his prime) to take less money and jump ship to south beach, all while leaving behind his hometown team.  Who else in the NBA or in professional sports for that matter, could even dream of pulling that off?  You don’t need to watch the entire presser, to see just how slick and persuasive Pat Riley can be. Just like you don’t have to watch the entire series of Mad Men to realize that Don Draper is the personification of “The Mariano of The Marriott” in more ways than one.   Both men are the best closers in their perspective games and so it was pretty cool that on the same day we got a glimpse into how both men would try to land one of the best athletes in the world.

Just my thoughts, right or wrong. Just how I’m feeling at the time.


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