One of the most famous rap songs ever, performed with a symphony is pretty cool. But lets be serious, that’s not what makes this video amazing to me. What is it about this song that makes girls go crazy? I’m going to assume that normally the culture at a symphony is pretty chill. Now of course the hype level of any function goes up once you add Sir Mix-A-Lot. But these women look like they’re ready to “Bruk It Down” at Fire Fete during Caribana weekend in Toronto. The downright thirst shown by some of these women begs the question, how much play do you think Sir Mix-A-Lot still gets to this day because of this “Baby Got Back”? Serious question, does he still have groupies?

Now with that said, dude walking around the stage with the cell phone might be the thirstiest person in the building. C’MonMan, chill out my dude. Its a symphony not a BET Uncut video shoot. The only thing that would make this video better is if Richard Sherman was on stage yelling “This is the best party song in the game. When you bring out the Seattle Symphony and Sir Mix-A-Lot, DATS THE RESULT YOU GON’ GET”

Just my thoughts. Right or wrong, just what I’m feeling at the time.


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