50 Cent’s new album Street King Immortal came out last tuesday, but unfortunately for Mr. Fiddy no one is actually talking about any of his new material. Instead, everyone’s talking about his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel (The video is mad jokes by the way) or his now infamous first pitch at the Mets game. (https://onblastpodcast.wordpress.com/2014/05/30/50-cent-damn-homie-in-little-leauge-you-was-the-man-homie/)

But that’s the problem for 50, he’s up to his same old tricks and doesn’t realize that the era in music, entertainment and pop culture is so different now. The people who were rockin’ in the early 2000’s to “In Da Club” are grown up and for the most part have grown tired of his “fake beef gimmicks”. For example, just a few weeks ago he was on the Breakfast Club throwing shade at Jay Z of course; but more importantly in this case, talking about how G-Unit was done because he was tired of having to motivate the other members. He was tired of feeling like he was “forcing” them to get into the studio and that he was tired of giving them money for doing essentially nothing. Well guess what, just a few weeks later:

Now all of a sudden when its time to drop an album, the gang is back together. All of them Banks, Yayo and Buck all on stage for a surprise performance at Summer Jam. Now all of a sudden there’s a brand new G-Unit single out, with rumours of a new album?!?

C’Mon Fiddy, we thought you would have learned from the whole Rick Ross saga, that the new/younger hip hop generation doesn’t even care about the “old rap game” and how it USED to work or about anything before what 2005?

I mean isn’t that why OutKast can kill it at Coachella, yet the crowd of kids were so calm that it seemed like they were watching a broadway show and not one of the greatest hip hop duos of all time? Or why Kendrick can murder the entire rap game on “Control”, but this generation didn’t demand any of the relevant young rap stars to retaliate. Things are just different now. Right or wrong, agree or disagree, we live in a different hip hop era.


When 50 first won (sorry Ja Rule), he came out HARD. He was a “gangster”, he was shot 9 times etc. All of that added to his story, his persona, his gimmick that made him “cool”. 50 wasn’t the first person in hip hop to use “beef” to sell records, but he no doubt made it a part of his hip hop DNA and it worked extremely well for him.

But times have changed. All that matters now if you want to run the rap game for a few months or so (yes the cycle is that quick now) is to have a dope beat and….pretty much that’s it. Either there’s no substance in today’s popular rap music…or you’re SUPER emotional like Drake (trust me, I’m not throwing shade here, just give me a sec).

There’s very little staying power in today’s hip hop culture.  Now the rap game seems like we either want to two step all night at the club or sit in our basements depressed, feeling like our music idols are all really deep, sad and emotional…just like us.  Two drastic extremes, with very little room in between and longevity is rare or non-existent at all.  Of course there’s the J.Cole’s and Kendrick’s that get their chance every once in a while, but in no way shape or form should those dudes have to stand in the same hip hop spotlight with the likes of 2Chainz, ASAP Ferg or Trinidad James.  That should never happen, but it does in this generation.

And that’s why Drake is Drake (relevant) and 50 Cent is 50 Cent (not relevant). Drake over time has proven that he can flow on any beat. That he adapt and make hits for any situation. On “Nothing Was the Same” he can have a slow, but beautiful song like “Too Much” where he gives you actual insight and understanding into who he is. But then just a few tracks away he can drop BANGERS like “Started From the Bottom” or “All Me”, where its still the same introspective Drizzy, but this time its remixed for the club. Drake has proven to be the the perfect mix for this generation. He can give you the Turn Up and the Turn Down, while also making it seem like we’re actually getting to know him with every track.  And that’s why people point to him as being the one that will last from his “draft class”.



50 on the other hand, was always about his gimmicks.  He’s hard, he’s gangster, he’s “stanky rich” etc.  Don’t get me wrong, I was there too bumping 50, everyone was at the time.  His run of hits is undeniable, but the problem is that there was never any actual substance to anything that he was saying and so eventually people grew tired of it. Its almost like he could drop the biggest track of his career and it doesn’t matter. As the saying goes, “Your time is up”. Drake will keep our attention, because whether you like him or not, you have an opinion about who you think he is, an opinion about how soft or real he is.  An opinion about him and Rihanna, him and Serena or whatever.  No matter what it is, you have some sort of perspective, and so on some level you care about who Drake is. While for Fifty, we never really, REALLY knew him. We just enjoyed the hits as we became familiar with his act.   But in the end, 50’s current spot in the game sums up some other familiar names from his  “Draft Class”.  I mean think about it, the Ja Rule, Nelly era etc.  All of those dudes made the same cross over to the main stream and had huge financial success.  But none of them had the staying power or more importantly the respect of the Jay-Z,  Nas or Em types, to still be ingrained in hip hop today.   So now that the hits are gone and 50’s trying to come back; no matter what he does, we still don’t really care, because we never really did.  Don’t be fooled, 50 has been releasing tracks and trying to get this album out for a while now, but nothing really popped off.  So unfortunately until he finds a way to get us back “In Da Club” again we won’t really care…that is until he makes an ass of himself at a Mets game or when Jimmy Kimmel wins again with another amazing bit.

As always, just my thoughts. Right or Wrong, just what I’m feeling at the time.


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