Swizz Beatz stopped by the Breakfast Club to talk about going Harvard Business School and how he’s trying to apply what he learns to his business, but more importantly to his brand. He talks about the process of getting into the institution and why he felt like it was something he desperately needed, especially coming from the music industry.  The biggest reason why I’m posting this is because I found this interesting on multiple levels.  We rarely get a behind the scenes viewpoint of the actual BUSINESS side of the game.  I loved how he broke down the concept of real ownership vs the “smoke and mirrors” that often end up plaguing the entertainment industry.

The way that he describes being looked at in meetings as “the rapper guy”, yet having all those same people able to build empires off of his work, is such an interesting dynamic.  But the line that really got me was

“I’ve been doing this since I was 17 and I’m 35 now.  I’m not trying to be a certain age trying to be cool.  There comes a time when you gotta graduate your brand and you gotta set up for the next 20 years…that’s the mission I’m on and I’m trying to do anything to get to that level.” 

If you’re a fan of his career then you know about his close relationship with Jay Z.  And so its kind of fitting that this conversation reminded me of one of my favourite lines from Mr. S.Carter:

“Show ’em how to move in a room full of vultures.  Industry is shady, it needs to be takin’ over.” 

Wise words indeed.

As always, just my thoughts.  Right or wrong, just what I’m feeling at the time.



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