Today is the first day of June. A beautiful day in the city of Toronto and maybe the first time that many of us have allowed ourselves to utter the words “Summer is finally here”. One of my favourite parts of this time of year is crowning a “Song of the Summer”. The song that will be played at every BBQ, pool party and every single time that you get into that one friend’s car (C’Mon now, we all have that one friend right?).

Well on the day that most of the hip hop world is focused on Summer Jam, Toronto’s Very Own Drake decided to drop a Summer Jam of his own titled “0-100/TheCatch Up”:

The first part of the track (0-100) is the Drizzy Drake that I can rock with. The beat is tight. Right off the bat it sounds like the perfect track to ride around with all summer long with the windows down and base up. As usual his flow is nice. In fact, to be honest it’s rare to find a dope beat now a days that Mr. Graham can’t flow on. I’m in. I can’t lie, I’ll be bumping this track for the next week on repeat.

But that “Catch Up” second part of the track….to quote a wise man (or in this case a teenage rapper from Chiraq) “That’s that sh*t I don’t like… as much. The beat is too slow, too soft sounding I’m sorry. I need that turn up 24/7. He still has some dope one liners (some very, very dope one liners) but it became more “100-0” for me. Let me know what you think.

As always, just my thoughts. Right or wrong, just how I’m feeling at the time.


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