It seems like the Scripps National Spelling Bee always provides great entertainment every single year and this year was no different. I love my dude’s energy, but I feel sorry for him that he spelt the word “kabaragoya” wrong (a word I’ve never heard of by the way and don’t lie you’ve never heard of it either). But that wasn’t the only drama of the night.  Only Bud Selig would be proud of this ending:

Wait a second, there’s no tying in spelling bees!!! How is that even possible, why can’t they just pull out a dictionary and have a sudden death spell off. This just goes back to my point that tying should be banned from all sports (and spelling bees) at all levels.

A spelling bee is serious business, take this kid for example. He wins his competition and celebrates like a King…King James that is:

#LeBronStomp AMAZING!!!!  I must say the kid does a pretty damn good @KingJames impression


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