I Forgive Janay Rice


Cathartic, isn’t it? Someone FINALLY taking responsibility for their actions?

It’s great that she learned her lesson (of being assaulted until unconscious by an adult male). Too often women are punched in the face, lifelessly dragged around a Casino and refuse to shoulder the blame. This is a breath of fresh air.

I’m glad she now understands that she shouldn’t put her face (and glass jaw) anywhere near a 210+lb professional athlete’s fist in an elevator. She should have known better, but it’s important that she’s able to admit her mistake (of getting beat up by a man).

Now that that’s settled (the blaming of the battered wife thingy), let’s all get back to what really matters:

Training camp is just about 2 months away. You pumped? I’m pumped.

– Ryan



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